Friday, June 6, 2008


Holy fuck. We have now entered 3 straight hours of horse racing talk to open today's MMD show. We are clearly in unchartered waters at this time. Does anyone really give a shit about this? Seriously, 3 straight hours and counting of thoroughbred talk? You got to be kidding me. How much more can a person writing a blog about Mike and the Mad Dog possibly take? You are testing me today. This is a struggle. I can't keep my focus anymore. First you put me through a riveting opening spot with John Hennegan. I watched the interview and still don't know who he is. Of course you knew D. Wayne Lukas was coming on at some point. Then, the kicker, over 30 minutes with Joe Drape! This guy has about as much personality as my left pinkie. Then comes a guy so lackluster you didn't even bother to font him. This is maddening. But then finally a break. No awful guest interview. But you can just see that empty chair between Mike and Chris rocking side to side, waiting to be occupied. And so who else could possibly be next? Garrett K. Gomez. You guys know him right? Big fan of his work? I mean, Mike said pound for pound, he's the best jockey out there. Please make this stop. Please. I will take anything right now. Soccer talk. Timmy's little league game. Russo's saturday morning tennis match-up. Mike breaking down the 2009 Oscars. Anything other than more horse racing talk. The only saving grace right now is that Doggie is about as interested in this as I am, and he's got to sit there and play into these interviews. This could be one of the worst days in MMD history.


Gregg Hopps said...

I think Mikie is a big horse. Oops I meant horse race fan, tahts why we get 3+ hours of this nonsense. I guys they'll hook us up with a Saturday show from Belmont too? More great radio, or TV.

Anonymous said...

These two bafoons rag all the time when someone calls and complains that they never talk about hockey. The slobs response is that there is LITTLE INTEREST in hocky unless the Rangers are really good.

Well, your lardness, uhhmmmmmmm how much interest is there in farking horse racing????????? Because your fat arse likes it, you basically render WFAN TOTALLY UNLISTENABLE? Fark you, Fark mushmouth, and fark horseracing, you narcisstic piece of scat.

Oh, by the way, because of the total lack of NY baseball talk, I listen to Jason Page on ESPN for the afternoon, and it wasn't so bad. He gave a reasonable amount of time to the horses and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about baseball, the basketball finals, the baseball draft.

You have the basketball finals and the draft and you waste listeners farking time with farking HORSERACING? You two are such arseholes.

Anonymous said...

Those endless interviews actually made me wish YES would show a Guisseppe Franco commercial instead. I wonder if Dog was sitting there thinking, "One day I'm going to hijack this show and talk about tennis all day long."

First Time, Long Time said...

anonymous 2...GREAT point on Russo hijacking the show and talking tennis for a day. I could see it: "Goood Afternoon Everybodddy. Here we are live at Wimbledon for the day.."

gman26 said...

The hockey comment is very on target, but there is a chance at the first Triple Crown tomorrow in 30 years. Trust me, if it happens, it will be a bigger story than the Red Wings winning the cup for the umpteenth time. It's not like they're covering a Grade II race at Aqueduct. A side story - I went to Belmont the Friday before Smarty Jones tried to complete the Triple Crown. Who was there? None other than frick and frick by the finish line. I got within about 10 feet of them. 10 whole feet! Dog was squinting that day as well.

gabagool said...

"Those endless interviews actually made me wish YES would show a Guisseppe Franco commercial instead. I wonder if Dog was sitting there thinking, "One day I'm going to hijack this show and talk about tennis all day long."


lt sam weinberg said...

gman, i hear what you are saying, but i think that you have to have a read on your listeners. to me, today's show didn't even focus that much on history and how many new york sports fans really want to listen to these guys talking about horse racing all day? very few. give me a 60-40 split with horse racing getting 40%. That's still about 35% more than i can deal with but i would be ok for one day.
The Mets lost a heartbreaker last night, barely talked about. They had Girardi on, there was little talk after that interview, and there is also the talk of the Cashman extension. Why not talk about that?
And finally.. I would welcome Chris stealing the day and talking about the fall of american men's tennis.