Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jon Heyman Spot

SI's Heyman is on now again with Mike and Chris.  Someone please wake me when Jon actually has something to report (I've been waiting a few years now).  Anyone else ever notice how he is essentially Francesa and Russo's yes-man?

4:11PM Mike talking about how the young fans like Joba's antics and the old ones don't.  Guess how Heyman feels...hmm, shocking that he agrees.

4:12PM: Chris is saying the Joba antics are just too much. What does Heyman think? "It's too much."

4:14PM: Breaking News:  Heyman says that Arod and Posada are the last 2 guys you want to lose.  Thanks for clearing that up Jon.

4:15PM: Heyman "Tampa has played very well but I'd be stunned if they beat out the Yankees" Thanks for going out on  a limb.

4:16PM: Heyman:  "I think the Yankees have an excellent shot to make the Wild Card" Another shocker.

4:16PM: Heyman:  "Maine has been terrific.  Really exceptional."  It's a good thing we got Heyman on to report this.

4:17PM: Mike:  "A big issue with the Mets Jon is until Reyes get back to being Reyes, they are going to struggle" Heyman:  "Yeah he is just not swinging the bat.  They definitely have issues."

4:18PM: Heyman: "If the mets dont make the playoffs, Willie will be gone."  Really, eye-opening stuff here.

4:19PM: Russo: "I think the Mets pitching is a major problem"
Heyman: "You're right. It has been pretty average"

Another riveting spot with Jon Heyman

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