Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Mike Said.. What Actually Happened..

Often on Mike and the Mad Dog, Mike and Chris talk about sports events and they seemingly know what is going to happen. But often what really happens is a very different thing and Mike and Chris rarely admit that they are wrong. Yesterdays show is a perfect example.

Mike was talking about the Spurs Lakers series and he, in his all knowing voice said "The Spurs are going to get blown out of the building." Now this was due to the fact that the Spurs had slept on the team plane two nights before and this was going to create easy pickings for the Lakers.

What actually happened: The Spurs had a 20 point lead thru the third quarter and held the lead up until the final minutes of the game. The Spurs actually for the majority of the game appeared to be the more rested team. Yes, they seemed a bit tired at the end, but this was far from the blow out that Mike guaranteed.

I plan on keeping track of these sorts of proclimations. I am not sure that Mike has made a correct pick since the day when he picked Seton Hall to make their Final Four run!

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