Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mike'd Off

Martin Luther King Jr. once uttered the words "I have a dream." Well, we here at Mike and the Mad Blog also once had a dream. Unlike Dr. King however, our dream was a bit easier to ascertain - to create a community where fans of the Mike and the Mad Dog radio show could turn to for clever and interesting commentary on the personalities that are Mike Francesa and
Christopher Russo.

Initially, we would like to say that we succeeded in doing so. One commenter at a time, we slowly built up this blog and even garnered some legitimate recognition across the web-o-sphere. We received a plug for the blog on air with Chris Russo. We got an exclusive interview with Neil Best when rumors of the break-up dominated talk. We had Mike and Chris breakdown Wilt's 100 point point game and last year's American Idol Finale. We had the Babe Ruth of body language experts analyze one of Mike and Chris' heated arguments over the bathrooms at the old Yankee Stadium. We turned to our good friend Colonel Nathan Jessep from time to time to make sense of the Mike and the Mad Dog landscape. There was the infamous and the Bucket List. We persevered through the end of the Mike and the Mad Dog era. We suffered with everyone through the start-up of the Mike'd Up era. We're still not sure what the new bells and whistles are, or whom the talent is. We tried our best to follow Doggie on a National level. As boring and bitter as Mike Francesa has been post break-up, Dog has been every bit as irrelevant, often trying too hard to cover too many events.

We invited a few new commenters to contribute as life got in the way for us. In short, it's been a memorable and interesting journey. But all good things must come to an end. For us, the writing has been on the wall for the past few months. This blog has become something less than what we once created. And because of that, we feel it is time to shut down. Kbilly and
Awesome Sean, thanks for writing fresh material but it's time to take back the keys to the car. And since we are still tied up with life, we are going to be shutting down the site for good.

We would like to thank everyone who has visited this blog and has enjoyed the insight we have provided. Consider this a farewell post. We'll leave the comments section open for the day and then we will be shutting it down.

First Time, Long Time & GMan26