Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tuesday Show

Well, Mike's show will mainly be to talk idiot Mets fans off the ledge today. I hope it works too since I don't want to miss my birthday on Friday. Then, he'll take some calls on the Yanks so that the entire theme isn't wasted on jackass Mets fans pining for Mark "Are you Guys All Crazy" DeRosa. The Yankees are a good team and I hope Mike spends some time congratulating himself and the callers on their impeccable team selection.

Now, what I am wondering from my fellow Mets fans out there...Since this season is very much hanging in the next few weeks, what would you do? Would you go and take on a God-awful contract like Vernon Wells? Would you give up some talent for a Dunn-type player? Would you stand pat and ready your team for a 2010 run? What is the best course of action right now?

I think the Wells idea is intriguing...If you can get him without giving up talent (young or otherwise) it may not be a terrible idea. He's overpriced, for sure, but there is a lot of money freed up in 2010 and beyond with Wagner and Delgado contracts going away. You'll probably never get equal value since the contract is so back loaded but you may be able to get a good player for nothing more than money.

They could've had Dunn in the offseason and I am furious that they let him, Burrell, Abreu and Ibanez get away. Now, I hate giving up a prospect for someone you could've had without losing talent or draft picks.

The other option is obviously packing it in this year. Let Beltran get surgery if needed, bring Reyes back when he's good and ready and let Delgado play September if he can. Come into 2010 with a healthy "core" with a few added pieces and take your chances then.

None of the options are good. Which is the least bad?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Good Jokes and the Subway Series

Mike Jackson's death rid us of a prime joke source. As a memorial, I thought I'd share some jokes that I got yesterday...Some are old and receycled, but still good:

- When is it bedtime at the Neverland Ranch? When the big hand touches the little hand.
- Jockeys at todays races will wear black armbands out of respect for Michael Jackson who successfully rode more 3 year olds than anyone in memory.
- Due to the fact that Michael Jackson was 99% plastic, he'll be melted down and made into Legos so kids can play with him for a change.
- In honor of his passing, the school chancellor of NY ordered all childrens pants be held at half mast

So, circulate and enjoy.

Well, I have to give the NYY fans a chance to sound off. It was a merciless drubbing and I honestly think Mets will be lucky to get a win this weekend. Burnett can be had and so can Wang so we'll see. Excellent defense by the Mets last night, especially in the 2nd. I can see Mike chortling to himself as he recalls that debacle on Monday. Really, have you ever seen anything resembling what Evans did on that grounder from Texeira? That was unique, you must admit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mike drops ball in Donnie Walsh interview

With Doggie off today, taking his dreaded children to an amusement park, I was forced to listen to Mike Friday. He featured interviews with N.Y. Knicks President/GM Donnie Walsh and N.J. Nets President Rod Thorn. He basically asked both the same exact questions and they gave basically the same exact answers.

So imagine my surprise when ESPN.com reported this at least two hours after Mike's interview with Mr. Walsh:

Walsh: Knicks will contact Wolves about Rubio
June 26, 2009, 4:21 PM ET
GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The New York Knicks are curious whether Ricky Rubio will wind up in Minnesota or Spain next season, curious enough that team president Donnie Walsh was planning to contact Minnesota by the end of the day Friday. "There is such a thing as drafting assets. I don't know if that is what he's doing," Walsh said of new Timberwolves general manager David Kahn.

Not once did Mike ask either Mssrs. Walsh or Thorn about any interest in post-draft trades.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rhinestone Glove, Stupid Bracelets and Baseball

I heard a bit of the Big Fella today and I was really moved by his Michael Jackson eulogy. Trust me, not to be outdone, Michael Kay practically wet his pinstriped drawers fawning over Wacko's "greatness." I mean, c'mon, at least Francesa brought up the child molestation issues. Kay acted like he died, made horrible songs and videos and then cured cancer. Kay, quick note...It's why you're losing to a drone dude. Get rid of Donnie "Pucks", get a clue, lose the Billy Joel quote and maybe you got a shot. If not, no.

We all know I am pro-Mets and anti-Yankee. Still, Girardi, do we need to see the Lance homage around your wrist? Pretentious dude. Think you're alone in not liking cancer? Think again. Anyone who wears a livestrong yellow bracelet is begging to be made fun, daily. Welcome to the populace, Joe.

I was thinking today of great baseball players...Not all time great but great in the last 20 years. I removed the greats: ManRam, A-Rod, Pujols, Bonds, Belle, Sosa, McGwire, Griffey, etc. and tried to focus on the 2nd tier. I am trying to identify the best player I've ever seen, excluding
those above and excluding pitchers. Funnily enough, neither Inge, McLouth or Youk made my list. Guess I am not not paying enough attention to King Clutch a Diet Coke himself, huh?

My Pick: Chipper

Remember, it's a 20 year window and I am looking for 4/5 tools. There are a lot of great guys out there but I'd select Chipper.

What do you think? Who's your best player in the past 20 years?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rough day for Girardi, Jeter, A-Rod and Cashman

Both Mike and Dog are on the Yankees collective jocks today, looking for answers for why the Yanks are 5 games back of Boston and pointing fingers at Girardi, Jeter and A-Rod.
Both seem to agree that A-Rod isn't 100% and that Jeter is hitting into too many double plays (53 since opening day 2007, according to Dog). Neither Mike nor Dog have much sympathy for Girardi and think Joe Torre would have the Yanks playing better. Joe Torre to be on Mad Dog Unleashed later today.
Yanks have the same record, 38-32, as the SF Giants despite more than double the payroll. Dog wouldn't trade Lincicum for Walter Johnson (who died in 1946), or for Johan Santana, David Wright AND Jose Reyes.
Mike and Dog have both turned up the heat on Girardi...

Friday, June 19, 2009

For Father's Day:Ramblings from Daddy Dog, AKA Tony Russo

2nd biggest Yankees Fan, Tony from New Mexico...Didn't know it was 0-8 vs Red Sox; Calls Mariano Rivera: Mariana; Doesn't think Wang is the answer; Swisher is overrated "that's true"; He didn't think about A-Rod stealing the other night; He doesn't know about Girardi, he is so-so; Red Sox have a better pitching staff than the Yankees; Posada "absolutely" is not a HOFer; Yogi, Dickie, Munson and Howard were all better than Posada; In Tony's eyes, DiMaggio was the greatest ballplayer ever, but Ted Williams was the greatest hitter; Yanks have to win 7 of the next 9 games...Tony was "all over the map today."
He isn't as "sharp as he usually" is...
And does not answer the phone when he should despite getting paid.

Mike ain't steamed, he's BBQ'd

Heard about five minutes of Mike today. He was on a tirade. On his list are: Joba should be in the bullpen. Joba is babied and the only reason his ERA isn't over 5.00 is because he's pulled in the 5th inning. Yanks are lucky to win 2 out of the last 8 and the two they won were due to errors.
"Who takes credit for this mess?"
"The Yankees mailed in this series!"
"Girardi gets no effort out of this team, and I'll ask him about it at 5:00" (note the plug)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mike is STEAMED!!!

I got into the car after work to meet my wife and kids for a 6:45 PM showing of "Up" and got to hear Mike's conclusion to his Thursday show. Wow! Mike was mad. Really mad. Like the soda machine gave him a Diet Pepsi mad. The USGA has decided to not refund people for the washout at Bethpage today OR allow them to attend tomorrow to get their money's worth. For shame, opined Mike. He wore out the thesaurus on expressing his disdain for their practices which I have to assume were printed clearly on the back of said non-refundable tickets.

Look, I know the economy sucks. Nearly every person I know has taken a sizable financial hit over the past 12 months. I'd love for there to be a way for each and every person to get value or enjoyment equal to what they spent. Few things, though:

1. This is a 4 day event, not a 162 game season
2. The arrangements must be carried out precisely to maximize convenience for all involved while also satisfying TV so ratings will be good
3. The hosts still had to do all that was needed today whether there was golfing or not. That means, it still cost them money and they lost gobs with the loss of concessions, merchandise etc.
4. For the most part, this is not an event that caters to the poor or destitute.
5. Walking around after golfers, staying within designated areas and yelling, "Get in the hole!" is stupid.

During his tirade, Mike told them to get off Long Island. Loved that little bit and was immediately reminded of this little idea. How dare they! Take your fancy golf games and get the heck outta here!

I liked the fire Mike showed, however. I like when he plays the "everyman advocate." Who doesn't? I love when he empathizes with his listeners and takes a stand against the corporate giant. I like how he takes his shots here and there. Not all of this paragraph is sarcastic either. He does have less of an agenda than his "competition."

So, tomorrow is gonna be a fiery Mike at the helm. He can take the USGA to task, bellow for Joba to return to the bullpen, deride the Yanks for losing 2 of 3 to the Nats, make fun of Jerry Manuel and his undying love for the sac bunt...Wait, I need to hit on that too:

With a depleted offense why is Manuel so willing to give up an out with a 1 run lead? Why does he think a 1 run lead against a potent offense is a sure win? If Castillo is on 1st and he has speed and Cora's at the plate and he can handle the bat, isn't the sac bunt completely redundant? Why is it so far from the realm of possibility that a team with a good offense can score a run against a closer that sometimes can't find the plate?

OK...Back to Mike's topics: discuss how much the NY crowd loves Phil if only they were allowed to re-use their Thursday tickets and how disappointed he was to learn that Jacqueline from the Real Housewives of NJ had implants.

Yesterday Re-Cap and Today's Opening

Can some kind soul update me on what happened yesterday? Did he jump on Wright dogging it? Did he pick a US Open winner? How was the love-in with Nantz?

As far as today's opening is concerned...

Me: What's NYY line?
Book: -330
Me: Nats 20x please
Book: Sure you don't want 40x? Francesa just locked it up for you.
Me: Later

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On this day...

1994 – Following a police chase along Los Angeles freeways and a failed suicide attempt, actor and former American football player O.J. Simpson was arrested for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Raise your hand if you were watching the Knicks vs. Rockets in the NBA finals when they cut in to follow OJ down the freeway.

Ancient History v. David Wright

Since no one ever, ever drops pop-ups it's really not a big deal that D. Wright ended up on first base after Huff's drop last night. I mean, when was the last time you saw THAT happen?

It really makes you realize that Texeira scoring from 1st the other night, with $180MM contract and slow legs all the more impressive. The fact that Beltran never even came close to scoring on essentially the same play is all the more pathetic.

I really hope this doesn't get lost in the throes of a win BUT Wright dogged it out of the box TWICE last night. Each time, Gary and Keith glossed over it completely. Beltran got outrun by Texeira and the Mets got lucky to put one in the "W" column.

Look, Jerry Manuel is a godawful manager...One of the worst ever, I'd say, and this is absolutely his last shot at a managing position on this level. Why not publicly bench Wright? In light of all that transpired over the weekend, why not take a stand? I am not one that thinks chemistry or unity wins games or anything but what Wright and Beltran did last night could lose games. I love Wright as much as the next Mets fan. I defend him vociferously and realize his value as a baseball player. This year, however, he's shown spots where running has been unimportant or too important as he's shown a habit of making outs on the bases.

I hope Mike and the Mets fans don't miss this point today. I certainly hope Manuel and Wright don't miss it either.


Artie Lange's appearance with Chris Russo on Mad Dog Unleashed yesterday was very informative on different levels. I'm sure Chris was asked(or forced) to have Artie on, since he is a staple of Sirius XM's flagship show, Howard Stern. Chris was up to the task, although he was none too happy about Lange's performance on HBO. He told Artie that he wasn't funny with Joe Buck. Artie came back with "you don't know a fucking thing about comedy."

This spot was so entertaining because hearing Artie Lange fire f-bomb after f-bomb at the prudish Russo was amusing. Chris, for his part, never cursed. But he stood in there amongst comments like, "how's that motherfucker!?" and argued with Lange about the necessity of the language on HBO. Russo didn't win this argument in the long run, but he did expose Lange as an overeager opportunist. And Lange for his part contradicted himself at times. But Lange got to the heart of Russo's naivete. Whether it's the clean language or the fact that he doesn't understand the handshakes in showbusiness, Russo is in essence a child. He will always be that enthusiastic kid that loves sports and gets excited by it.

Artie Lange did compare himself to Lenny Bruce, which is fair. It is surprising to see all this hubbub about his off-color appearance on Buck's show. Maybe he was funny, maybe he wasn't. But why are people put off by this stuff? It's nothing that hasn't been said before.

At any rate, enjoy the interview. I was a little late in hitting record, so you miss the first few minutes of the interview. But you get the picture.
Let me know if it doesn't work. If not, it is embedded on the right side of the page below contributors.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dog's top 10 NBA players

Mad Dog listed the top 10 NBA players EVER just now and I thought it deserved a post.
In his order:
Big O
Wilt the Stilt
Elgin Baylor
Apparently last night Kobe snuck into the top 10 ahead of Dr. J, Olajuwan, Tim Duncan, Mallone, Stockton, Shaq, Havlicheck, Pistol Pete, George Mikan...and Derrick Coleman.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Burney vs K-Rod

My first post. I kept hearing that Burney got in K-Rod's face over some comments. Has either been on their teams for more than 3 months? I think I could kick both of their asses.

Anyway, today's game will be the opening segment for both Mike and Dog, so I hope your are all watching. Meanwile the Stanley Cup Final Game 7 was awesome and Cotto fight rocked...But we won't be hearing about either on Monday.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So, Sunday will tell the tale.  Will Mike bemoan the Bombers inability to pummel a downtrodden bunch or will the pinstriped bunch salvage a series win?  Will Mike drone on and on about the lack of fortitude in a playoff atmosphere or will the boys from the Bronx come through in a big spot?

If you really love Mike and huge bowls of popcorn, you'll know tomorrow night.  For the rest of us, we'll get the gist at 1:07 PM on Monday.  For now, the Yankees can be happy that they can justify their lack of production on facing an unknown.  Let's erase the fact that the man was a 10 year minor leaguer and focus on the fact that Jetes had never faced him, right?

As for me...Well, I see Burnett giving a sub-$820000000000000000000000 effort and I see Johan throwing a gem.  

Come Monday, Mets fans are happy and Loki is kicking himself in the shins.

Luis Castillo...MVP?

That's all I got...Your thoughts?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Subway Series and the Idiots in Charge

Johnny Damon and the 2004 Sawx team were famously dubbed, "The Idiots." Catchy and self-deprecating, yes and memorable since that team whooped the Yanks 4 in a row in the ALCS and went on to bury the Cards in the Series. "The Idiots" were subsequently dismantled and the term of endearment was threatened with extinction. I am bringing it back now as I offer to you:

Joe Girardi and Jerry Manuel - The "New" Idiots

I was in a big hurry as a Mets fan to jettison Willie. I thought it was a bad hire and was happy to see him go. Jerry was a welcome change. My patience and the patience of all Mets fans is growing thin. A sac bunt in the 2nd last night? With Redding on the mound? Against Jamie Moyer? It's like hitting on 18 against a 7. Just when you think he's maximized his stupidity he pushes against all odds and hits a new level.

Girardi is no better...I am no Yankee fan so I need to hear from Loki and the other Texeira jersey wearing, A-Rod booing boys out there. How has Girardi screwed your season?

Now, what will Mike's take be on this weeks respective debacles? He will point to the Mets and their overall lack of clutchness. He'll discuss the merits of having 2 MVP's playing in the same infield with an obvious MVP type year from the left fielder and why this bodes poorly for the Mets in the coming months. He'll definitely touch on the Yankees bullpen deficiencies and the emergence of Youk as the best player since Bonds retired.

It's a grim day for NY baseball fans and Mike will do all he can to keep that fire raging. He'll promise hard interviews for "The New Idiots" but let's see if he delivers.

For me, I just pray that the Mets can squeak out a win this weekend. A sweep is gonna be tough to take.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Calling All Bloggers

We here at the Mike and the Mad Blog are holding our own versions of the infamous Bar A Auditions. Except in our case, we're looking for more contributors to this blog to write original posts. And we're not trying people out. And we don't have Southside Johnny. But If you are a reader of this blog and feel like you have some original content to add, drop us an email at: mikeandmadblog@gmail.com and we'll pass over a spare set of keys to the car. I am going to be unable to blog for the upcoming month or so and Gman is a bit burnt out on the big man. So we're looking for some fresh blood to keep this blog going.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Will Mike Start?

While some may feel that today is a tricky day for Francesa on the Fan, I disagree. Some might contend that with the Mets beating the Phils last night, that takes some heat off Mikey's fastball as he can't go too crazy about the Phillies lineup of gamers off a loss. And because his boyfriend Johan pitched a spotty game, he can't go on and on about Mr. Santana. But, that gives Mike the perfect opening to lead with the Yanks. And even though Mike's beloved pinstriped heroes lost last night, some (myself included) would argue that Mike took some joy in this defeat. First off, his other boyfriend Beckett came up huge in a big spot. Next, Mr. Pie face himself, AJ Burnett, came up small. On days like today, Mike will remind viewers that he was never a fan of the AJ signing. Now if Burnett had pitched a big game, he would just point out that "Burnett always pitches well against Boston.." But the bigger issue here is that over a month ago, Mike put the Yankees season on the brink of collapse. He argued that Arod coming back would not save this team - that they were old, Mariano needed a new pitch, something was missing, the seats need to be filled, the economy was bad, blah, blah, blah. But a funny thing then happened. The Yankees started to dominate and Mike avoided giving them praise. Instead, he turned guns blazing towards the Mets and just sort of avoided Yankee talk. When he was forced to commend the team that plays in Coors Field East, Mike pointed to an easy schedule. But today with the Mets beating the Phils and the Yanks losing yet again to Boston, this gives him the perfect opening to go off on the Bombers. "This is why Boston is better!! You can take your pies in the face, I'll take Beckett!! This team is missing something!! This is why Boston is better!!! Joba needs to be in the bullpen!! The Yankees have no heart when it comes to Boston!! Melky's a fourth outfielder!! Their lineup is old!! Bring it on Mike....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Remotes Remotes Remotes

Mike just announced a lot of upcoming remotes on the way in the month of June. He announced this as if he was excitedly reading the winning lottery numbers on a million dollar ticket. He was flat out giddy..."Folks, we're gonna have lots of remotes in June." Here's something for Mike and WFAN to ponder: YOUR REMOTES SUCK. And here are a few reasons why:

1. If it's a Met or Yankee remote at either of their ballpark, you never get the guests to sit beside you. Instead they talk to you from the clubhouse, making your existence pointless.

2. You are typically given the most dreary looking backdrops imaginable. Anyone remember Mike's remote at the start of last football season from Jets camp the first day Favre reported? Mikey was broadcasting from the woods.

3. You rarely take calls. I'm sorry but there's only so many guest interviews where you are answering your own questions that I can take.

4. You typically encounter some sort of technical difficulties or simply show up late for your own show. Exhibit A: The Bar A Audition Disaster that shall never be spoken of again.

So with all these things going against you, why in the world are you so happy to announce all of these remotes? Do you think people make sure to plan their listening experience around the fact that you are going to be on location somewhere? The only reason it's at all entertaining to tune in to these shows is because something will go wrong with your microphone and you will flip out on the tech guys on air. I just can't go too crazy about WFAN Remotes.