Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rough day for Girardi, Jeter, A-Rod and Cashman

Both Mike and Dog are on the Yankees collective jocks today, looking for answers for why the Yanks are 5 games back of Boston and pointing fingers at Girardi, Jeter and A-Rod.
Both seem to agree that A-Rod isn't 100% and that Jeter is hitting into too many double plays (53 since opening day 2007, according to Dog). Neither Mike nor Dog have much sympathy for Girardi and think Joe Torre would have the Yanks playing better. Joe Torre to be on Mad Dog Unleashed later today.
Yanks have the same record, 38-32, as the SF Giants despite more than double the payroll. Dog wouldn't trade Lincicum for Walter Johnson (who died in 1946), or for Johan Santana, David Wright AND Jose Reyes.
Mike and Dog have both turned up the heat on Girardi...


gabagool said...

The fact that Dog would trade him for Reyes, wright, AND santana is the very reason that mental midget, sorry excuse for living organism should lose his show. You simply CAN'T be that stupid and allowed to have a show.

It all evens out. Patience.

gabagool said...

The Yanks could turn it around, its already happened this year once, but its hard to argue with Francesa on this one.

Except one thing. Why on earth is he and MOST other talk guys saying AROD is hurt,.....its just as likely that this gutless wonder is what he is now, not on the juice and this is what you get. Is it BEYOND BELIEF that he LIED and is a career long user? Nooooooo, we haven't heard lies before, have we?

bigjf said...

And tonight, Girardi is being lauded for firing up the offense by getting ejected. Amazing.