Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ancient History v. David Wright

Since no one ever, ever drops pop-ups it's really not a big deal that D. Wright ended up on first base after Huff's drop last night. I mean, when was the last time you saw THAT happen?

It really makes you realize that Texeira scoring from 1st the other night, with $180MM contract and slow legs all the more impressive. The fact that Beltran never even came close to scoring on essentially the same play is all the more pathetic.

I really hope this doesn't get lost in the throes of a win BUT Wright dogged it out of the box TWICE last night. Each time, Gary and Keith glossed over it completely. Beltran got outrun by Texeira and the Mets got lucky to put one in the "W" column.

Look, Jerry Manuel is a godawful manager...One of the worst ever, I'd say, and this is absolutely his last shot at a managing position on this level. Why not publicly bench Wright? In light of all that transpired over the weekend, why not take a stand? I am not one that thinks chemistry or unity wins games or anything but what Wright and Beltran did last night could lose games. I love Wright as much as the next Mets fan. I defend him vociferously and realize his value as a baseball player. This year, however, he's shown spots where running has been unimportant or too important as he's shown a habit of making outs on the bases.

I hope Mike and the Mets fans don't miss this point today. I certainly hope Manuel and Wright don't miss it either.


gman26 said...

Jerry has had many chances to discipline players in his brief tenure and has shown no inclination to do so. He comes from the "I treat my players like men" school. Unfortunately, with all this coddling and kid gloves, he's treating them more like children. Please, Bobby V, come back.

Jason said...

itll prob get lost in the shuffle as much as arod and his "300 million ways to be unclutch" did when his pop up was dropped in the 9th, and also the strike out he had in the 7th inning with men on.

and arod was still on first after the dropped ball by castillo too.

gabagool said...

While I shouldn't talk about other teams third basemen (think about it, the BEST thing about Arod is that he makes TEXIERA better!!) I thought Wright was what Tex has turned out to be. I thought Wright was a standup guy without any of the attitude so many players bring to the bigs. But that all changed on Delgado's snub of the fans. Wright DEFINATELY encouraged him to basically tell the fans to fuck off.

The Mets need a LEADER. Someone to call out all the doggers, the primadonnas, the cancers. And the Mets are loaded with those. When your best all around player, Reyes, is basically a guy who BECOMES what is around him, the Mets need someone to start slapping people around. Wright isn't the guy. And its too bad.

ps: When are other teams going to realize that the way to beat the Yanks 80% of the time is to walk Tex EVERY SINGLE TIME to get to Arod? Just walk him. Arod will beat you once in a blue moon, but Tex is a machine.

AwesomeSean said...

Gabagool...While I disagree that Reyes is the best all around player on the Mets, you're point is well taken. I am hoping that these are simply snapshots of poor play/hustle as opposed to a pattern. We'll see.

Since I hate the NYY I hope you're right about ARod. Unfortunately, I am sure you'll be wrong and his overall baseball awesomeness will shine through.

Anonymous said...

For once Mike is right!

This year has been completely BIZARRE! I have never seen so many dropped balls, Balks, bad base running, bad defense with outfielders playing deep infield, terrible calls by umpires including strike zones that are all over the place, Home Runs off of broken bats and check swings, etc.

I guess fundamentals have been thrown out the window and the memo was never sent to the fans.

As a baseball purist it disgusts me! I was watching both the Yanks and mets last night and after witnessing such bad defense I turned on Deadliest Catch followed by the Real Housewives of NJ.

The bottom line is most major leaguers don't catch with two hands or run out fly balls-- the flip side to that is when was the last time you saw someone use two hands and drop a fly ball and look at what happened Friday night when Texeira ran a pop up out? Even on his tip toes he ended up scoring.

Enough said.


Arthur said...


Arod's run does not matter, since its a bottom of the 9th scenario. He gets a single even if he runs all the way around the bases to third. Know your baseball..

bigjf said...

When Jerry took over as manager, I didn't know much about him. I heard his first interviews, talking about pimps and gangstas and whatever (yes, he was actually talking this way), and I said this guy is either familiar with Stengelese or he's an idiot. Didn't take long for me to learn he is indeed an idiot. Makes me feel even worse for Willie.

As for the David Wright play, I didn't see it, but that sounds bad and I'll take your word for it. I did, however, see David Wright get praised for apparently stepping up as a leader and apparently chewing out Pelfrey in the dugout. Of course, he could've just been going on about some woman he met in the club, but the media just paints the guy to be a hero for some reason. I have no personal problem with Wright, but I feel like he should have stepped up by now and made this team his. He hasn't really done that.

BennyB said...

Tex also had to wait for contact, on a 3-1 pitch, but the Mets were running before contact as the count was 3-2....Beltran was nearly on second before the ball was popped up.