Monday, June 30, 2008


With the end possibly near, we've decided to compile The Mike and the Mad Dog Bucket List - all the things we would like to see Mike and Chris do before their show kicks the bucket. Here goes:

- Have Mike do the show open the way Chris does it
- Take a call from Jerome
- Show Mike on YES during the commercials
- Apologize to Tim Russert's family for trivializing his death
- Ask Michael Strahan to cohost a show
- Let Chris predict the ratings
- Hug
- Do a fist pump at the end of a segment
- Go a week without Jon Heyman
- Invite Phil Mushnick into the studio for some tea
- Take picture in a booth with 'Mike and Dog - BFFs forever' written below
- Do a top 10 list of their least favorite guests ever
- Switch seats
- Do an over/Under predicting what age they will die
- Mike does Marquis de Sade wearing crotchless panties
- Sing the Mike and the Mad Dog theme
- Have John Sterling guest host a segment and let him play audio clips of all the incorrect things you have said over the last 19 years
- Treat people like human beings
- Admit that Tampa Bay just might be for real
- Come prepared
- Inform the audience that you are going to resolve your decades long dispute with a game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Winner stays at WFAN. Loser is out.
- Have Mike sing 'If I Only Had a Heart' from the Wizard of Oz
- Learn how to use the internet
- Mike admits everything he's been wrong about
- Never talk horse racing again
- Car pool to work everyday and spend the first segment of the show discussing the ride
- Mike and Chris tell the audience that they have cut the caller off but are going to continue talking like he's still there
- Reveal the special phone number that allows Bruce from Bayside to get on whenever he wants
- Admit that they should never talk about anything outside of sports because they don't know enough about movies or the news or politics
- Mike eats a salad and drinks a bottle of water while on air
- They do an entire show with Chris sitting on Mikes lap
- Mike admits that Bronson Arroyo is not good

Did we miss something? Let us know...


lt sam weinberg said...

great idea.. too add to the list

1. mike and chris end a show with "i love you mike. i love you chris."
2.mike asks dog how he is after dog greets him in the open to the show
3. mike admits he only read the last few pages of all those kennedy books
4. russo chews through his earphones
5. chris uses the computer
6. chris says "say something funny mike" and mike actually says something funny
7. they both admit to thinking susan waldman is hot

Anonymous said...

Dog has to read Green Eggs and Ham on air, and Mike has to read The Gettysburg Address.

For Score and Seven innings ago.

Jonny said...

This is awesome. Thanks for that plug on the FAN or I would have never known. Also, good job proving Angry Puppy wrong.

First Time, Long Time said...

jonny..welcome aboard. yes Dog was driving me NUTS with that Johan argument. It's like he doesn't actually check facts. it's insane.

Brian said...

Nice job with the plug on the Fan. At least Dog admit he's wrong, unlike Fatcessa.

This is a great list too. My suggestions:

1) Admit Somers is a better radio host than they are.
2) Write a check on air for the rights to every golf/tennis/baseball/football game they've done play by play on from the TVs in their studio.
3) Have Mike admit to his major cosmetic surgery done on his face, while passing on the gastric bypass recommendation.

Johnny said...

Great list. What frustrates me the most about MMD is that often it seems like they don't even read the paper or check anything before they sign on. Don't you have to prepare before sitting in the big chair?

I'll admit, I spend WAY toomuch time on sports, but as I drive all across the Northeast with my job, it drives me nuts how unprepared they are.

That said, there are so many bad talk show hosts, they still rank high.

I laughed my ass off today when Evan Roberts said that the 1986 Mets captured New York. That may be true, Evan, but you were 4 years old at the time, how do you know.

Johnny said...

Where was Jerome the past two years? I have heard him three or four times with Joe and Evan. Anybody know.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the on air shoutout. This place is great.

Jason said...

How about "Russo finally learns that wins and losses have NOTHING to do with how the pitcher pitched, and more to do with the batters' performances (can be linked to forcing Russo to look at Mike Mussina's career numbers as proof that a era over 4 can produce 19 wins in the win column).

And not sure if I missed this on the list, but "Never talk about tennis ever again."

and while we're at it, how about "Russo and Fatso admit hockey is a sport that New Yorkers watch!"

and last but not least, "mike admits hes got a massive weight problem (and its name is not chris russo)"

thanks for mentioning this site on the fan. that was CLASSIC!

Anonymous said...

Just heard the blog on WFAN after the Santana-Lincecum debate...

How about discussing hockey instead of golf, tennis, books about former U.S. presidents, the academy awards, Connecticut congressmen, or how awful it is to spend an afternoon with their children?

Jason said...

people should call up russo and see if he saw the list and commentors yet. well, after he gets a tutorial on what the internet is, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian, you forget to add, that Mike has to admit he gets the worst dye jobs for someone on television. Did you see his hair on Mike'd Up? It's auburn brown while his brows are black and gray...

Colm said...

1. Dog has to pronounce the days of the week properly... i.e. monDAY, tuesDAY.... not mondee, tuesdee, etc.

Anonymous said...

I heard one of you guys plug the blog on the air today, so I thought I would check it out. If this post is typical of what you do, I will be back. This is "tremendous." You did an "enormous" amount of work. Seriously, very funny and accurate take on the show.

Johnny said...

This is a great site, thanks for mentioning it on the air. I actually don't mind when Russo throws in some tennis and some other sports. Too many of these sports hosts spend their whole shows talking about the NFL or whatever sport is popular in their area. I mean ESPN radio and FSR talk football because they don;t really follow baseball. ESPN talks basketball because they are told to because ESPN broadcasts NBA games.

But, when MMD come off as experts on all sports, it's comical. My bet is that Mike hasn't watched an NBA game in three years. He picks the Spurs because he likes the Spurs and he figures that they will win the NBA title every two years.

Russo hasn't watched a regular season college basketball game in years, yet he can tell you that Hofstra got shafted in 2006, even though the team they beat twice, George Mason went to the Final Four.

Yet, they get away with it.

Fancy Pants said...

How about they admit that they were two of the only people stupid enough to think a dominant middle reliever is more valuable than a dominant starter? Notice how they downplay everything Joba does as a starter now?
Also, Mike could masturbate on the air to a picture of Brandon Inge.

Anonymous said...

Have them read through the nasty and vile websites about the show on air.

Anonymous said...

Jerome called up Russo i believe a few days ago, so i think u can cross that off the list

jeezy said...

unbelievable. i can't stop laughing.

Johnny said...

I do agree with Dog. Santana has been a disappointment. The Mets are not paying for Santana to make quality starts (6IP, 3 ER), they are paying him to make dominant starts. Where is the 7 inning 0 runs, 8 inning, 1 run, 8 inning 0 run starts.

Going 6 innings and giving up three runs....that's what Andy Pettitte does, but according to Mike, Pettitte is great!

First Time, Long Time said... wrote "I'll admit, I spend WAY toomuch time on sports, but as I drive all across the Northeast with my job, it drives me nuts how unprepared they are."

Take a look at this old post about where I called them both "Ill-informed"

First Time, Long Time said...

anonymous "anonymous said...
I heard one of you guys plug the blog on the air today, so I thought I would check it out. If this post is typical of what you do, I will be back. This is "tremendous."

These are EXACTLY the types of posts you can expect to find here. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

How about they schedule a guest and before he/she appears effusively praise them/their sport, only to attack them/their sport when they are in the room?

Have them walk out of the studio singing "It's a long way to Tipperarry" ala Mary Tyler Moore (apologies to those under 30 who have no idea what I'm talking about)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, someone should be counting just how many times this guy says the word "Lincecum" today.

Johnny said...

Here we go again, ranting about NBC's tennis coverage. This is what NBC does. We know that they don't do a great job covering live matches, but how many years can you complain about the same thing over and over and over.

NBC is going to show Americans when they can---live or not. Doggie is tennis fan, he knows all the players; the rest of America only cares about Americans. I guess Doggie has not heard of the Tiger Woods Effect.

Sorry Doggie, it is what it is. Enough.

Johnny said...

Once again, Doggie doesn't get it. NBC is going to show Olympic Trials coverage BECAUSE THEY BROADCAST THE OLYMPICS. They are trying to build up Tyson Gay so if he wins the 100 meters in China, the table will be set.

Wimbledon ratings are always less than a 3.5 anyway.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike makes a point he falls in love with, without repeating it 4 times in a row by simply reordering his words

KBilly said...

Have Mike from Mahopac (aka Sour Shoes) live in the studio.

Anonymous said...

1. Mike says "Say something funny Dog"
2. Replay the "One Time!" tirade in its entirety
3. Mike admits that at least one caller over the past 20 years knew more than him about something.
4. Chris leaves the Giants to be a full-time Yankee fan.
5. Dog does Mike's handwave to get rid of callers.
6. One last 24-hour Mike and the Mad Dog marathon to end the show, with the entire thing being aired by YES with the incompetent Eddie Erickson producing, plenty of Sweeny killing, Sterling calls, and replays of Suzyn's call of Roger Clemens return while the two of them continuously mock & laugh.
7. Tony Russo calls in to talk about how he got up last night to go "wee wee."

peteski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peteski said...

Mike denies the Holocaust with the "I wasn't there so I can't say either way"

Chris does a remote from the Ronald Reagan Library

Gregg Hopps said...

guys tremendous job with the list, but I can't get too excited about it. I don't want to fall in love with the idea of MMD going away. Gotta be careful here. I would like to go waaay back though and hear Chris carry on about Louie Carneseca and the St. John's basketball team. Noone says Carneseca like Doggie.

bigjf said...

hey guys, new reader from the on-air plug today. nice job!

got one to add:

learn that minor league players, especially in the Yankees organization, actually can fill voids on the team. no need for Bronson Arroyo. learn the name Mark Melancon, bonus points for pronouncing his last name correctly the first time.

and part 2 to that: learn that a team can't just "go get" a CC Sabathia or Erik Bedard or Rich Harden, etc.

M. Gomez said...

I'm really a 1050 listener, but i bounce back and forth sometimes. I heard your plug and was intrigued, because I used to love Mike and the Mad Dog. I stopped listening for most of the reasons I have come to read here. i have something to put on the bucket list:

Puppy needs to not say the time before going to break or an update.

Puppy needs to also put a spit guard on his mic ( I feel bad for whom ever uses his mic after him)

Mike needs to WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Fatcesa tells Bill Parcells that he sucks and thatthe game has passed him by. Fatcesa also tells Bill that he is a Dale Hanson admierer. (For Cowboy fans in Dallas, you know what I mean!)

Anonymous said...

Mike publically becomes a Dolphin fan..... oh wait that probably already happened.

Anonymous said...

You can knock "Sing the Mike and the Mad Dog theme" off the list

It happened today: