Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This show is an Enigma

Just like the Mets, the Mike and the Mad Dog show today is a bit of an enigma. They start the show throwing cold water on the whole NBA mess and seguing straight into the Mets. But then they spend the majority of the day on the NBA and gambling. Then for some reason, Mike decides to read groups and tee times from the US Open tomorrow. As if I can't fucking crack open a newspaper or pull that shit up on ESPN. They need some better stuff to talk about. Hopefully a Met will get busted in the parking lot with an ounce or Jeter comes down with the Clap from all that tail he gets.

Russo boner of the day:
"Europeans have won the last 4 US Opens." Um, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Unless Europe has annexed Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina, then by my count, there are zero European winners in the last 4 years. Where is their producer in all this? Does he just sit there knowing that he's dead wrong and not tell him? I guess he figures it's a waste of time.


Joba said...

Didn't hear much of the show today, but what I did hear was a good amount of "I didn't see it" because it was too late, or there was another game on. It never ceases to amaze me that these guys talk sports for a living, plus their show starts at 1:05, but neither one of them can DVR a game and zip through it in the morning? Or even watch the highlights on SportsCenter?

gman26 said...

Joba. U expect them to do their jobs? Their word is law. They don't need to witness things. They deal in hypotheses and their all-knowing third eye.

An aside that has nothing to do with them - I am a Mets fan and I'm sick of Willie Randolph whining. "We hit some balls really hard right at people." or "I wish we had Ryan Church out there." Grow some balls Willie.

joba said...

"We hit some balls really hard right at people"; "I wish we had Ryan Church out there." Yeah, that and $3.98 (for now, anyway) will get you a gallon of gas. I'm a Yankee / Willie Randolph fan, and I'm also tired of him spouting those worthless comments. He sounds like a guy who's given up.

gabagool said...

Russo can't be bothered by mear technicalities now can he?? Did I even spell that right??