Friday, June 27, 2008

Mike Teases Addressing the Controversy

In his open, Mike just said ""I will also sometime in the hour and a half touch on the whole mike and the mad dog story, which Dog got left in his lap on Monday. I will do that sometime when I have a minute in the 90 minutes today, although it surely isn't the most important thing when we have a busy day with the Mets and Yankees getting ready to play two."

Uhh, Mike, we have to respectfully agree to disagree on this one. It is indeed the MOST important story. I don't care if its Game 1 of the World Series today. There was a huge story that your show was breaking up. Dog came on and addressed it right off the bat. This is the first time you have been on the air. Everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say about it and you say you "will do that sometime when you have a minute." Are you joking? Seriously? What do you think this is, ESPN Radio, where you have to tease topics? Cmon Mike.


gabagool said...

Like, for ONE minute, that slob REALLY feels that ANY story is more important than a story about HIM.

ANY time Mike Francesca (did I spell it wrong? Good) feins humiltiy, its a bald faced lie.

Russo, to his credit (god, I hate that) countered this story with UPPING what he brought to the table, being friendly to callers, at least TRYING to keep updated with news, etc. I may be wrong, but I think Mike will downplay the whole thing, saying its rumors, etc.

gman26 said...

This is pathetic. I was going to say Be Fair, because he had the yankee skipper coming on. but segueing into the Giants PSL situation in the secong segment. A story that no one cares about except for all of a sudden this man of the people. I think Mike has serious denial issues. I think he has always avoided any criticism or difficult topics, because for all of his bluster, he has a fragile psyche. The fact that he has gone 40 minutes without addressing the elephant in the room, speaks to this emotional frailty.