Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mike and Chris Breakdown Babe Ruth's called Shot

We capture the conversation mid segment on the FAN on October 2, 1932. Chris has digressed and doesn't think the Yankees should have ever taken Babe Ruth out of the rotation:

Chris: Now you want to say hold on now Chris, Babe is hitting a trillion home runs and the yankees are winning the world series and I understand but you have got a guy who is lights out. COME ON. No one could get a hit off the guy. He hits a home run, are they guaranteed to win? Are they guaranteed, mikey?

Mike: Guaranteed. I would say no.

Chris: Riiiight. When Ruth pitches its a guaranteed victory. Its like tommy our milk man who, rain or shine, milk right there first thing in the morning. There was that one storm when all the lights went out and my wife she's saying to me 'chris, no way we have milk in the morning.' And I said 'come on now. Tommy is guaranteed.' Wake up in the morning. Open the door. Milk is there. Its there mike.

Mike: That's a good job out of tommy

Chris: Good job... Its a TERRIFIC job. Guaranteed ruth is, just like tommy with the milk. You gotta start the guy.

Mike: now there are people who are saying that he called the homerun last night. That he pointed out and maybe said something

Chris: he said something, I didn't hear that.

Mike: This is just what I was told, that ruth pointed, which is not my cup of tea, some people like it, to me its not how you play the game but some people told me that he pointed and then said "The Babe is the Best."

Chris: He said that????

Mike: That's what I am told

Chris: the babe is the best? Oh my GOD, mike.. Mike, that is a terrible job. Babe take it easy will ya. The pointing, you wanna point before the home run ok. Mike doesn't like it, I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet, but 'The babe is the best'... Babe, take it easy. You are not even the best player in baseball. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Mike: he's pretty good

Chris: The babe is the best?? Maybe the best at eating hot dogs and some other stuff (russo cracks up laughing) say something funny mike..

Mike: eating and using his hot dog from what I hear

Chris: (on the floor hysterically laughing) VERY FUNNY MIKE

Mike: john minko has received morse code transmission of the scores around the league.. Take it away mr minko.

(Note: This post comes from Lt. Weinberg, who is out on the road, checking on the whereabouts of Tommy the milk man)


Anonymous said...

"That's just Babe being Babe."

Anonymous said...

Ms Russo has a guy DELIVER the milk? Oh, yeah, ok,............The milkman.

She loves you for YOU, Chris........