Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dog on FIRE Today

They just played a bite from Beltran after the game "That's what I expect from the manager in a situation like that to come out, he basically came out to protect us and that's the way it should be."

Doggie was none too happy with that statement from Beltran:

"will you stop MAKING JERRY MANUEL OUT TO BE A GOD!!!! I mean gee whizz!! I mean cmon, can we stop with this! Protect us???!! How bout winning some games!!! Protect us?!!! Should Willie have come out and protected you Carlos, when you took that curve ball from Adam Wainright in Game 7 of the NLCS 2 years ago??? Boy I am feisty today!!

It appears to us here at the MikeandtheMadBlog, that the Neil Best article has had a big impact on Chris. As Lt. Weinberg pointed out "the loss of randolph might not have helped the mets but the possible loss of francesca and the neil best article have lit a fire into chris. He is freerer solo." Gman added "maybe the impending breakup has put something on Russo's fastball."

Whatever the case, Russo seems reborn on the air.


gabagool said...

Heres a thought.

Do any of you guys feel that when Mike walks into the studio, EVERYONE, from Chris to the tech team, gets a bit more tense??

I mean, you know the type of guys at work, you know, high up guys with a china fragile ego, that you NEVER KNOW what will set him off? You're so worried about you or SOMEONE else saying something innocently, but taken the wrong way by this china fragile egomaniac, and then all hell breaks loose, or they pout and give you an attitude or the silent treatment?

It just feels to me, even as pathetic I think Russo is, I think FAN is just more RELAXED without MF sitting there, gloom and doom, sitting there thinking how he carrys everyone else and how he isn't getting paid all hes worth.

The shows, I think, reflect that.

That said, Russo is DEFINATELY different since the story came out. It almost feels like he's trying to win the callers over to his side. Definately a change here.

First Time, Long Time said...

gabagool....I definitely think there is an element of that - people dropping their guards a bit when it's just Russo solo. But to be "fair" even when it's Mike solo, he comes off a tad nicer. But Russo has definitely been energized here. I know you are very much against the duo, but if you had the choice of solo Russo all the time or a completely different on-air team in that slot, which would you choose?

gabagool said...

I stated it before, with NO LYING, IF YOU took some broadcasting courses and got the job at fan, I would prefer you. I would prefer ANYONE. And IF and thats a big IF, they proved MORE LAZY, MORE DISRESPECTFUL, MORE UNPREPARED, well then and only then would I prefer these two.

You see, I don't find them AT ALL funny. They don't possess ANYWHERE NEAR the NY sports knowledge of Joe Benigno (and hes a FAN!! And you can bet Francesa treats him like dirt) They really have NOTHING. Now, some people might say, well look how they hold peoples feet to the fire. Well, if ANYONE had the number one show in the USA, EVERYONE would be all big and tough. If you recall, they were NO WHERE AS COMFRONTIVE WHEN THEY STARTED. I'm sorry, I don't find them AT ALL ENTERTAINING. I find them highly annoying, enough where I really only listen on Yankee calls now.

But you know FTLT, every once in a while I start to tell myself that I'm being to hard on the dopes. But that only lasts a bit. Like today. Well, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, Russo isn't as STUPID, and I mean REALLY A STUPID PERSON, as I think he is. Well, if you were listening, he gets a guy on the line, with a high voice. Obviously, to ANY LISTENER with a fingernail of a brain, knew right off the bat that was a person who had growth issues (like a jockey) or he was a grown man with some sort of voice problem. HE MOST DEFINATELY WAS NOT A CHILD. Well our dumbass asks him how old he is!!!!!!!!! I just shook my head. He IS A STUPID PERSON. And he should thank GOD every single day of his life.

First Time, Long Time said... said "Well, if ANYONE had the number one show in the USA, EVERYONE would be all big and tough."

But you got to give them the credit for BECOMING the #1 show in America...

gabagool said...


I'm laughing, really at myself, because I really don't feel so strongly about many things....but these guys..........barf!!

#1 cause:
Drive home
Huge signal
Lots of calls (kind of)

They've always had the slot. WFAN was just getting going when they came aboard, I believe. Imus came first, with his tired act, brough along his little Madd dog.

Weighing the evidence, they MAY be number one because of their "ingeniousness", but its AS LIKELY that its the time slot. I will bank on the latter. Hopefull, for me (and a TON of others, if comments to their splitup stories go)they will soon be history, and BOTH will fade into obscurity. The world will THEN be right!!

But, I really like this blog and the fact you let your posters POST how they feel. I respect that, and appreciate it very much.

lt sam weinberg said...

by the way gabagool, i know first time long time and i guarantee you that a talk show with him would be something that might make you drive off the road and over a cliff.

First Time, Long Time said...

Sam. don't ever forget what I am about to tell you: You are a lousy fucking softball player.

Anonymous said...

That's what's fun about listening to Dog, though -- he's going to say something stupid and awkward. But at least he's not a humorless, bitter, wannabe intellectual, arrogant, elitist asshole like Mike. (OK, Dog is a couple of those things, but still not as bad as Mike.)