Thursday, June 5, 2008


One of my pet peeves is when a Yankees afternoon game is on at the same time as MMD. This creates a very annoying “Francesa thinks he can do everything syndrome.” What am I referring to? I will tell you. Mike feels the need to do play by play of the Yankees game. Now if I am a big enough Yankees fan, why in the world am I listening to MMD for Yankees play by play? But Francesa feels the need to do it and do so poorly. With Jeter on third and one out in the first, Arod stepped to the plate and Francesa declared “Toronto won’t play their infield in here.” Seconds later, Toronto brought their infield in. For some reason, Mike thinks he has to take over the broadcast duties. Hey Mikey, stick to your day job.


Joba said...

Mikey was ready to climb out on a ledge as the game was winding down. "Awful, awful loss." Then when Giambi hit that homer, he started in with "Those of you who thought Giambi was done, think again." Those of YOU? How many years has Mike been saying Giambi is done?

First Time, Long Time said...

Joba..CLASSIC francesa today. he even cut in to the 20/20 report tripping over himself with celebration. he wrote them off. and then he was screaming like a little girl.

joba said...

He's bragging about it now, as though his breaking into the update to announce the homer will go down in broadcasting history along with "Oh, the humanity!" and "The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"