Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I know Bronson Arroyo, Bronson Arroyo is a friend of mine.. Sidney Ponson, you are no Bronson Arroyo!"

The Yankees made their first big move to replace Wang and who did they pick up? Well, Mike is not going to be happy because it ain't Bronson Arroyo. It's Sidney Ponson, who the Rangers a team with some of the worst pitching in the league cast aside. But while Mike might be quick to blast the signing and say that Arroyo is better than Ponson just look up the numbers. Ponson despite the fact that everyone on his team seem to hate him was a better pitcher than Arroyo thus far... but not sure that is going to please the Yankees real GM Mike Francesca.

By the way, I just googled (did you know that "google" is officially a verb in the dictionary?) Bronson Arroyo and this was the first site that came up. It's a little bit odd that Bronson's own site has him still in a Red Sox uniform on the front page, you know Mike is not going to tolerate that. Also Mike might want to know that baseball list Carl Pavano as the pitcher most like Bronson Arroyo. That is not going to make Mike happy.


Anonymous said...

The Yankees are in bottom-feeding mode again (and I'm a Yankee fan). I'm surprised it took them this long to sign him. And you're right, Lt. -- Mike has this strange infatuation with Arroyo, maybe because he used to be on the Red Sox, and Mike can't kiss their asses enough. Another point you made -- how bad a pitcher are you if Texas cuts you?!

First Time, Long Time said...

Also Arroyo got rocked for 6 runs last night, so look for Mike to ignore that outing, whereas if Bronson pitched lights out, you know the campaigning would begin again today. Also, another thing I just remembered that drove me crazy earlier this week was Mike was going through the Yanks staff with Wang out and said Petitte would be ok and Joba will be fine as a starter. Wait a minute Mike, you threw a fit when they moved Joba to the rotation and kept complaining that there was NO WAY to guarantee he would succeed in that role. Now after one start where he went 6 innings, you have proclaimed he will be fine?

DF said...

Ponson was not released for being a bad pitcher, just a bad human being an team mate.

He is a drunken jackass, so I love to see him on the Yanks.

Pro-Athlete Money + Booze + Yankees + NYC = Inevitably Awesome Storyline