Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Bill Simmons Controversy

Mike and Chris have Bob Ryan on right now. Bob apparently schooled Bill Simmons for what Ryan considers an incorrect story that the Sports Guy wrote about the Celtics of the past and their rivalries. Mike and Chris said they like Bill. They’ve had him on in the past, but they got Bob’s back right now. Francesa chimed in “Dog and I have always had a good relationship with Bill Simmons, but you are to us, Mr. Celtics.” Dog got a little confused and called Bob "Billy." Will the Sports Guy respond to this? Would be great if Simmons called in to the show right now.


DF said...

Ryan is a bitter newspaper dinosaur. He is just thankful that his favorite sport is relevant in Boston again.

He is praying that Bill Simmons responds in his blog. Ryan is probably intentionally stirring some shit for some extra publicity. Simmons is a whiny little poon so he just may take the bait.

First Time, Long Time said...

Bill, where else can you be called "a whiny little poon" - Get on the blog on defend yourself Sports Guy.