Monday, June 23, 2008


I am very disappointed with the callers today. Why were there so few callers who were willing to discuss the issue? Did we really need another person suggesting the Yankees trade Ian Kennedy straight up for Roy Oswalt? It's ridiculous. There was nothing to talk about today in sports and still so few callers brought up the article.

Mike has had no comment, the two of them are not covering the Subway Series together, there is definitely something going on. Just because they have a contract does not mean that they couldn't walk away, that there could not be buyouts, etc.

Maybe the fans don't really care. Maybe people wouldn't mind Mike and Chris splitting up. Maybe people would like to see the return of the Sweater and the Schmooze?

If there was this sort of issue about a player, fans would be calling in all day talking about the same thing over and over and over again. Yet maybe four fans at most mentioned it.



First Time, Long Time said...

i wonder if half of the callers even had a clue about the article. But it's as if people were scared to bring it up. Bad job indeed.

Anonymous said...

The question is, if one of them were to go, who would you want it to be? I'd rather see Mike go. He's a humorless, arrogant prick. Plus we'd have years of people calling in to complain about Mike, and Dog would savor every second of it.

gabagool said...

I think your right. I think MOST people would be HAPPY to see them go.
Now, that is different than saying you want to SHOW to go. Put another two guys there. After an adjustment period, and with STRICT policies about not trying to be a copy of these two clowns, the show wouldn't miss a beat.

Can you imagine that time slot being hosted by two people with:

Respect for callers

Those attributes, combined with lots of callers, focusing on NY sports........dream come true.

First Time, Long Time said...

gabagool...we will agree to disagree about this point:

"Put another two guys there. After an adjustment period, and with STRICT policies about not trying to be a copy of these two clowns, the show wouldn't miss a beat."

i think you underestimate the addictive nature of Mike and Chris. I just don't see two random other people cutting it. Joe and Evan slotted down to the 1-6:30 slot would be deadly.

gabagool said...

I'm sorry FTLT

If their IS an ADDICTION to these two UNDESERVING bafoons, like a REAL addiction, it needs to be shed.

I realize there are many others, like you, who see these two clowns as some sort of draw, I admit that. I just see it as a case of "the kings clothes".

I agree, we will have to agree to disagree. Frankly, and with ALL HONESTY, if YOU go to CSB, graduate and host the show, to ME, and many others, as long as you take calls, and PLENTY OF THEM, I would enjoy the show A MILLION times more. And I am being 100% honest about that.

Case in point. Joe B. HE HAS FORGOTTEN MORE ABOUT NY SPORTS than those two pathetic excuses will ever KNOW. And the said part is that its NOT a matter of brains here. Its simply a matter of DESIRE, EGO AND LOVE OF SPORTS. While Joe ADORES sports, these two jokers enjoy the TRAPPINGS more than the sports, and it shows....big time.