Monday, June 30, 2008

Mike and the Mad Dog Divorce Proceedings: WHO GETS MINKO?

As we know with any divorce the ones who get hurt the most are the kids. We at Mike and the Mad Blog are very concerned with the children of Mike and Chris and wondering how this nasty divorce will get settled. Which kids will go with Mike and who with Mr Russo?

First up...

Sweeney: Mike clearly hates him. He goes with Chris

Jon Heyman: This could be the most heated part of the divorce proceedings. Mike and Chris love Heyman and neither is going to settle for just having Heyman staying at his house on the weekends. During the divorce proceedings, Heyman in his testimony announces a huge scoop...

"Mike and the Mad Dog are ending their radio show after 19 years,"
The entire courtroom moans, Mike and Chris leap from their chairs, in unison.. "TERRIFIC JOB FROM JON HEYMAN."

The judge announces who receives custody of Heyman but neither Mike and Chris listen to the news until Heyman reports it on the FAN three weeks later.

Mr Met: I believe Mr Met secretly hates Chris and may have attempted to kill him on more than one occasion. But he also could not live with Mike because of the Yankees issue. Mr Met will be sent to an orphanage.

Jim Nantz: I believe already snuggles with Mike 3-5 days a week, so he stays put.

Ed Coleman: Mike doesn't hate Eddie C as much as Eddie C probably hates Mike so I believe Chris takes him and also sees him as a terrific influence on Timmy.

Tony Russo: it has been a long time coming, but you hear it on the calls, Tony always addresses Mike and barely talks to Chris. He's a Yankee fan, his son likes the Giants and tennis. Tony in an emotional court room moment, goes with Mike.

Eddie Erickson: Tough call here. Mike and Chris used to joke around about who really wanted Erickson hired as their producer. Tough to say which side Eddie believed. Russo does like to pick on him a bit, but to me, it's a fatherly sort of love. I say Russo gets custody of him.

Bruce From Bayside: He definitely goes to Chris. I feel that Bruce calls in a lot more when Mike is gone. He knows he won't be scolded by that abusive father figure that is Papa Francesa.

Mike from Montclair: Without a doubt, he goes to Francesa. Mike once commented that Roe's favorite caller was Mike from Montclair. No doubt they will tidy up the guest room for him.


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...tough call on some of these. Another question is who gets custody of some of the MMD phrases, like "Tough Spot"

Anonymous said...

mitch from east windsor and roger from new haven are both in "dog's" home turf.

also, i think Carlin goes with Francesca. I remember a story where carlin and dog got into a fight on a road trip

First Time, Long Time said...

What about Chernoff and Spitz?

Anonymous said...

I tried my best to get Chris to admit either way that they are splitting up...


Johnny said...

What about Mike from Mahopac? I say Doggie

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