Tuesday, July 1, 2008


With the end possibly near, we compiled The Mike and the Mad Dog Bucket List - all the things we would like to see Mike and Chris do before their show kicks the bucket. We've gotten a lot of guest feedback and have thus decided to expand the list, including many of the new suggestions we received yesterday. Here is the revised list:

- Have Mike do the show open the way Chris does it
- Take a call from Jerome
- Show Mike on YES during the commercials
- Apologize to Tim Russert's family for trivializing his death
- Ask Michael Strahan to cohost a show
- Let Chris predict the ratings
- Hug
- Do a fist pump at the end of a segment
- Go a week without Jon Heyman
- Invite Phil Mushnick into the studio for some tea
- Take picture in a booth with 'Mike and Dog - BFFs forever' written below
- Do a top 10 list of their least favorite guests ever
- Switch seats
- Do an over/Under predicting what age they will die
- Mike does Marquis de Sade wearing crotchless panties
- Sing the Mike and the Mad Dog theme
- Have John Sterling guest host a segment and let him play audio clips of all the incorrect things you have said over the last 19 years
- Treat people like human beings
- Admit that Tampa Bay just might be for real
- Come prepared
- Inform the audience that you are going to resolve your decades long dispute with a game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Winner stays at WFAN. Loser is out.
- Have Mike sing 'If I Only Had a Heart' from the Wizard of Oz
- Learn how to use the internet
- Mike admits everything he's been wrong about
- Never talk horse racing again
- Car pool to work everyday and spend the first segment of the show discussing the ride
- Mike and Chris tell the audience that they have cut the caller off but are going to continue talking like he's still there
- Reveal the special phone number that allows Bruce from Bayside to get on whenever he wants
- Admit that they should never talk about anything outside of sports because they don't know enough about movies or the news or politics
- Mike eats a salad and drinks a bottle of water while on air
- They do an entire show with Chris sitting on Mikes lap
- Mike admits that Bronson Arroyo is not good
- mike and chris end a show with "i love you mike. i love you chris."
- mike asks dog how he is after dog greets him in the open to the show
- mike admits he only reads the last few pages of all those kennedy books
- russo chews through his earphones
- chris uses the computer
- chris says "say something funny mike" and mike actually says something funny
- they both admit to thinking suzyn waldman is hot
- Dog has to read Green Eggs and Ham on air, and Mike has to read The Gettysburg Address.
- Admit Somers is a better radio host than they are.
- Write a check on air for the rights to every golf/tennis/baseball/football game they've done play by play on from the TVs in their studio.
- Have Mike admit to his major cosmetic surgery done on his face, while passing on the gastric bypass recommendation
- Russo finally learns that wins and losses have NOTHING to do with how the pitcher pitched, and more to do with the batters' performances (can be linked to forcing Russo to look at Mike Mussina's career numbers as proof that a era over 4 can produce 19 wins in the win column).
- Never talk about tennis ever again
- admit hockey is a sport that New Yorkers watch (discuss it instead of golf, tennis, books about former U.S. presidents, the academy awards, Connecticut congressmen, or how awful it is to spend an afternoon with their children?)
- Mike has to admit he gets the worst dye jobs for someone on television
- Dog has to pronounce the days of the week properly... i.e. monDAY, tuesDAY.... not mondee, tuesdee, etc.
- Admit they were wrong about Joba
- schedule a guest and before he/she appears effusively praise them/their sport, only to attack them/their sport when they are in the room
-Have them walk out of the studio singing "It's a long way to Tipperarry" ala Mary Tyler Moore
- Mike makes a point he falls in love with, without repeating it 4 times in a row by simply reordering his words
- Have Mike from Mahopac (aka Sour Shoes) live in the studio
- Mike says "Say something funny Dog"
- Replay the "One Time!" tirade in its entirety (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ba2U5UrjMA&feature=related)
- Mike admits that at least one caller over the past 20 years knew more than him about something.
- Chris leaves the Giants to be a full-time Yankee fan.
- Dog does Mike's handwave to get rid of callers.
- One last 24-hour Mike and the Mad Dog marathon to end the show, with the entire thing being aired by YES with the incompetent Eddie Erickson producing, plenty of Sweeny killing, Sterling calls, and replays of Suzyn's call of Roger Clemens return while the two of them continuously mock & laugh.
- Tony Russo calls in to talk about how he got up last night to go "wee wee."
- Chris does a remote from the Ronald Reagan Library
- learn that minor league players, especially in the Yankees organization, actually can fill voids on the team. no need for Bronson Arroyo. learn the name Mark Melancon, bonus points for pronouncing his last name correctly the first time.
- learn that a team can't just "go get" a CC Sabathia or Erik Bedard or Rich Harden, etc.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike lets a caller who is younger than him actually get a word in without saying "Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, how old are you?....I sat through the Yankees losing for decades, Dave, DECADES, before you were even born." [cut him off] "Eddie- I can't have these entitled 24 year old Yankee fans calling up here and expecting to get taken seriously!"

Anonymous said...

I tried my best to get Chris to admit either way that they are splitting up...



Imspartacus said...

A bucket list suggestion:

Chris stops washing that funky cow lick of his and it starts to dread out...


Imspartacus said...

...Mike adopts "Enter Sandman" as his entry music as he comes back in studio after YES commercials


Anonymous said...

Chris finally figures out it is REMEMBER not RENEMBER

renember, who says that? wtf. learn english.