Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We all know that we are not allowed to talk with Mike Francesca about the Rays until August. We are counting down the days on the side of this blog. But the Mad Dog Chris Russo, he is not waiting till August. After holding hands with Mike on this issue and saying that we could not take the Rays seriously, Russo has changed his tune and has bought a ticket on the Tampa Bay bandwagon.

Russo after "watching a lot of the Rays the past two days" has decided that they have a good team and has made no reference to the fact that he said just days ago that you still could not take them seriously. I actually was somewhat surprised that Chris didn't get with the Rays sooner because he unlike Mike at times is willing to go with the underdog. Mike on the other hand refuses to recognize when the tide is changing, he is holding to the Yankees in the same way that he held on to the Spurs when it was clear their time was up.

My big hope is that when Mike and Chris start dating again or maybe just "seeing" each other sometime this month that we could have another war on our hands with Chris yelling at Mike that he has to take the Rays seriously despite it still being the month of July. I can't wait.

Chris even went so far as to toss on a Rays cap...funny stuff (he also apparently can't read print outs). Check it out:


Johnny said...

Mike never goes against the grain. I love it when they make their NCAA basketball predictions---after not watching any college basketball all year---they always take Krezysevski (Sp, Duke coach)over Duke's opponent because their Duke.

Duke or West Virginia: Answer Krysevski.

Same for NFL: Patriots or Giants? Answer: Belichick

If the Yankees don't fire and make the playoffs, Mike will still say that they're the best team even though the Bombers haven't got out of the Division Series round since the 2004, but what does that matter.

lt sam weinberg said...

i completely agree with you on the NCAA. Mike always comments on how you have to pick the team with the guards. But THEY DON'T WATCH ANY GAMES. It's amazing. The same thing with the NBA.
Mike in particular refuses to change or adjust with the times or see the new team rising. Too arrogant and stuck in old ways.