Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Mike and Chris have been known to analyze everything from sports to politics, whether they know anything about it or not. In 1993 there was a debate raging throughout America and Mike and Chris were sure to have had opinions on it.

Chris: AHHHHHH... Good afternoon everyone and how are you today? This is the Mike and the Mad Dog radio program on the 27th day of January 1993. Lots to talk about in the world of sports. Good afternoon Mike and how are you today?

Mike: I'm ok Dog.

Chris: It's pretty clear where we start the show today, Mike. I have to tell you that I simply believe it was a TERRIBLE JOB by Dylan Mckay. How can you make that decision? Mike, you just can't make that decision in that spot. How can you pick Kelly Taylor? You can't do it. You can't Mike.

Mike: Kelly is very attractive Dog

Chris: Oh, come on Mike. That is just a terrible job. Here he is in a very big spot. He's got Brenda and Kelly both fighting for him and in that kind of spot, you cannot pick Kelly Taylor. You can't do it. YOU CAN'T. Brenda Walsh has been there from the beginning Mike. The guy is falling over drunk and who is there, Brenda? Now you wanna say, Jim Walsh has been a little bit tough. That he doesn't like a rebel a sort of John Dean character

Mike: James Dean

Chris: Good job Mike, James Dean. You wanna tell me because Jim Walsh was a little tough on him that Dylan is going with Kelly? Hold on now.. if Dylan was so bothered by Jim Walsh then why is he saving Brandon Walsh's life when he is falling off the cliff when they all went camping? Why is he saving his life?

Mike: You have to admit the Walshes were tough on him

Chris: That's another thing. Jim Walsh.. Pipe down, ok. Just pipe down. You had a business deal that almost got the Peach Pit CLOSED DOWN. Those kids love the Peach Pit. Nat, he takes care of them, let's them study there late at night.

Mike: Those burgers do look good Dog.

Chris: Mike, he's gotta pick Brenda.

Mike: Brenda was with Rick in Paris, Dog.

Chris: Oh come on Mike.. You know it meant nothing to her. We all know that.

Mike: I don't know what it meant to her.

Chris: Mike, it meant nothing..

Mike: I'm not saying it did or didn't, I don't know.

Chris: Brenda is a good girl Mike. It's not like she's Emily Valentine, stalking Brandon.

Mike: That girls a peach without a pit.

Chris: (hysterically laughing) VERY FUNNY MIKE.... She was pretty crazy.

Mike: Very crazy.

Chris: Minko before we go to you for the flash, did you watch the show last night?

Minko: Yes I did.

Chris: Mink, who do you think Dylan should've picked?

Minko: I was partial to Andrea Zuckerman myself.

Chris: ZUCKERMAN? She's not even an option!!! How can you pick Zuckerman? MINK, the girl is 78 years old and she's still writing for the school newspaper and her work is not even that good. The new editor Gil Meyers comes in and wants to make an editor change and give Brandon the job, but she whines so much that he has to make them co-editors. CO-EDITORS MINKO. TERRIBLE JOB out of ZUCKERMAN. Let Brandon be the editor. The guy played hockey in Minnesota, he knows what he is doing. How can you pick her? SHE IS 97 years old Mink. Mike, how can Minko like Zuckerman?

Mike: She's pretty old Mink

Chris: Ok, here's Minko with the 20/20 flash

Minko: I'm John Minko with the 20/20 flash, as Chris and Mike were discussing, our top story of the day, Dylan Mckay last night on Beverly Hills 90210 selected Kelly Taylor over Brenda Walsh....


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam..that is great work. You provided me with Emily Valentine flashbacks. I loved that girl. I saw past all the destruction that she caused. Deep down she was a good girl. She was to 90210 what Billy Wagner is to Mike Francesa....someone that you can't trust in a big spot, but at the end of the day, a person that is just misunderstood.

KBilly said...

Took me about 5 minutes to figure out that this was about 90210. At least Dylan didn't pick Tori Spelling, that really would have been a mistake.

lt sam weinberg said...

the donna martin graduates episode would be a debate that would take up an entire five hour show.

Johnny said...

Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and it's not even close.

First Time, Long Time said...

The thing is, I can't totally get on Dylan for choosing Kelly. It goes back to what Mike said "she's very attractive Dog." She was indeed and Dylan couldn't resist. Kelly was hotter in my mind than Brenda.

DF said...

You all have lost your minds. Keep up the good work. It did take a while to remember why these names were familiar. Admittedly, I stopped reading because I thought this might have been reference to some reality show and I would not have gotten the references. Had I continued reading, then "the Peach Pit" would have tipped me off.

Gotta go with Brenda.

Handwave to Kelly (did I use that term properly?).

lt sam weinberg said...

we are trying to avoid any use of the term handwave on this site. so your misuse of it is welcomed