Thursday, July 10, 2008

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Mike Francesa returns to the air tomorrow and joins Chris Russo for what should be an extremely interesting show. Will they address the breakup rumors? Will they joke it off? Avoid it? Tackle it in the first segment? All pressing questions. But the bigger one I have is the timing of Francesa's return to the air tomorrow. Why, you ask? Well, simple. Bronson Arroyo pitches today with a chance to reach the .500 mark. Anyone else find it to be more than just a mere coincidence that Mike would return from vacation with Arroyo possibly at .500? If Bronson reaches that mark, no doubt Mike will once again demand that the Yankees trade for him. He will try to dazzle us with fancy terms like "misses bats" and "pitches in a bandbox." Surely he will suggest that if Arroyo is at .500 on a bad team, just imagine what he would do for the Yanks. So I find it very interesting that this is the day Mikey has selected to come out of hiding. Did he coordinate this with the Reds GM ahead of time? It wouldn't be the first time Mike reached out to a National League General Manager to determine his work schedule (see several Sundays ago when Mike called Omar to see if he was going to fire Willie, forcing Mike to go into work that night and do Mic'd Up). Coincidence or conspiracy? You make the call...


Bill from Hauppauge said...

I beleive they have the "Bar A" show on the Jersey Shore, which is a favorite for both of them.

mohegan mel said...

Mike is so much smarter than us, so we'll probably get some vague statements like "MSG? Yes, I heard Neil Best said I was going to MSG. The Bests and the Mushnicks and the Raissmans, they say a lot." Or he'll scold anyone who asks about it, "The Yankees and Mets are both riding high for the first time this season, and you're wasting eveyone's time with this? Let me ask you, how is it that you know more about my job status than me or my agent do?"

Blowhard Egotistical Francessa said...

Exactly Mohegan. I despise Francessa.

PS - I do have an audio file of when Mike ripped into Corey Lidle 2 days before his death. How can I post that here?

gabagool said...

Mohegan Mel

Those comments are absoFARKINlutely perfect.

I also totally agree with the idea of Cannon thinking his AVERAGE (AT BEST, THATS ME GIVING HIM A BIG TIME BREAK)intellect is somehow off the charts......With his bullshit "I'm reading THIS book, this summa......"Yeah you sack o shit, the only thing YOU read are REVIEWS of the book or Cliff notes if they're available.

A REAL intellect would NEVER be so

But the BALLS you gotta have to ACTUALLY THINK people really give a fuck what YOU think about books,movies, presidents, etc. You know SHIT about that stuff. You HARDLY know sports, and REALLY no one gives a ratz ass what you know about THAT either. Take MORE calls.

Cletus The Fetus said...

My favorite part of the show is going to be when Mad Dog is wearing a gold bikini and is chained to Francessa.

Oh wait... What channel is the YES Network again?