Sunday, July 13, 2008


With AROD getting a divorce and Christie Brinkley finalizing hers, it sure brings a smile to my heart to see Mike and Chris back together again, laughing, making bad proclimations they will never own up to, and of course, hanging up on callers. Reunited and it feels so good..

We have covered the reunion as much as possible so you know our take, but here are some views by other around the web and press:

REUNITED AND IT NEEDED AN ENEMA: The Bleacher Report's Bob Mantz found it to be terrible radio and was offended by the presence of Jeffrey Lyons. I am more offended by Lyons' movie reviews. :

It took two people in Newsday and surprisingly neither of them were Neil Best to capture Russo and Francesca renewing their vows. Neil Best i believe is on a much needed vacation from the blogsphere after his poor speculation of Francesca going to MSG. Barbara Barker (who?) and Rodrick Boone (uh, who?). The story is pretty a boring recap.,0,3791552.story
Now poor MSG story aside, (which forced Neil to take a blogging time out: Best has to be writing about this story. It's essentially the equivalent of leaving a no hitter with two outs in the ninth. Neil you broke the story, you followed it along and yes, the MSG thing was ridiculous but come on, write something, another bad rumor, or how about your take on the whole thing, how about keeping the fire going and saying that you still believe the show is over. You gotta give us more than just crickets.

The Big Lead basically transcribed the portion where Mike and Chris talked about the rumors. I will go out on a limb and say we did it better. also transcribed the section of Mike and Chris talking about their return. The best part of this post though is the photo of Mike and Chris sitting together on the couch. Our body language expert would have a field day with this photo. The Chris odd leg cross, Mike weird arm over arm pose as if to keep himself as far from touching Russo as possible..

So there was some coverage of it, some good, some bad, some ordinary and some oddly silent.. we here at Mike and the Mad Blog are not fully convinced that the show is on steady ground, they are once again a part for some time after Monday i believe..


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder if Neil is getting some pocket change from the program to raise all this press coverage, for no apparent reason. If there is no imminent split, then we'll know who funded this sudden vacation.

KBilly said...

Malusis and Rubinson. Nothing can be by 'em, go ahead and try 'em...

ondy said...

Wonder if they're going to admit Pelfrey's for real.

Illuminati said...

Thanks for the link. Excellent job on your part. Excellent, excellent job.

egotistical blowhard francessa said...

Can Fatso Mike ever get through an interview without saying "ya know that"? It's just his way of remiding the people he's interviewing that he just made a great point, and by asking them if they know that he wants to remind them that a) he thought of it first or b) he is smarter than them.

I hate his pompous ass.