Friday, July 11, 2008


This show has been as anticipated as the final Sopranos. And early on, it's just as vexing. Despite mention of people taking pictures of them and Mike saying, "It was only 50/50 this was going to happen again" there was no overt mention their situation. They are the masters at avoiding things they don't like to discuss(see Russo yesterday on the Giants) and putting their heads in the sand. This whole camera thing did strike a chord though. I heard in Mike's voice sincere surprise and maybe some sentimentality. But since he has no soul, that is an impossibility.

Also, for any enterprising caller. Russo did say, "we spoke about Mariano yesterday". Who will ask MMD about that call? Andy, from Hoboken?

In case you don't care about their impending break up, then this is what you learned from the first segment. The Yankees are delusional if they don't think they need a starting pitcher. Molina can't hit. Tampa Bay will come back to the field. Someone hit a 'peee to Gee-tuh' last Friday.

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gabagool said...

There is NO WAY that PITCHING has been the reason for their inconsistancy.

If the Yanks think they can get by with this staff, they are right.

Hitting, well, thats another story....