Friday, July 11, 2008


Mike likes the Red Sox and the Mets in the World Series

Joba and Kazmir try to strike out everyone.

Joba shakes off the catcher too much.

It is very important to get Mike's take on everything that has happened the past few weeks.
Mike is convinced that Reyes was pissed at Delgado when he threw his glove on the ground.

There is another McEnroe out there and his name is Mark McEnroe. Is there another Sheen brother or Bridges or Canseco brother hiding somewhere that will soon be revealed? Can we get Cold Case on this?

Mike was on the field at the Mets game and all the ushers, who have worked at MSG and they all know Mike because, well, Mike is enormously famous, good looking and a tremendous lover. And these ushers all said that Lincecum was a great guy but a bit of a hippy.

Chris Carlin has too many jobs and will according to Mike have to dump one because he has too many.

Mike and Chris take great pleasures in the ice cream escapades of John Sterling. There is one thing that Mike and Chris, even in their darkest moments can come together on and yes, it's John "I CAN PUT MY FINGER IN THE ICE CREAM IF I WANT TO BECAUSE WHEN I CALL A HOME RUN IT IS NOT JUST A HOME RUN, IT'S AN A BOMB FROM AROD OR WHADYA KNOW ROBBY CANO" STERLING.

Mike and Chris find it very funny that Baron Davis is hanging out playing for the Clippers while Brand went to the 76ers.

Phil Hughes according to Mike, who knows the ownership, (i believe him and Hank Steinbrenner went horse back riding this week in Saratoga while laughing and listening to Neil Sedaka tunes on their ipods) is not tradeable.

Mike still has difficulty returning to the show on time as Chris begins at 2:44 without any sighting of Francesca.

Most importantly we have learned through almost two hours of the radio program that Mike and Chris not only love each other again but also are no longer taking calls because we have not heard from one.


Matthew "The Falk" Falkenbury said...

2:50- Kurt From Hamden, CT calls in and bitches about Ryan "I love the Down and Away Slider but can't hit it" Howard is an All-Star Snub

peteski said...

Mikey is sucking up to Met fans - trying to tip your poll is his favor.

gabagool said...

You know something, I definately know that M and MD have made a pact with the devil in order to get paid while being absolutely worthless, but you guys mentioned another devil pactor I've forgotten about.......Sterling!!
Whadda ya know Robbie Cano..........screw you you hideous excuse for an announcer. He sucks also. Maybe as much as our boys.......nah, not that much, but almost.

David said...

We learned that...

Mike will use his formidable POWER to avoid standing in a short line at the movies in order to secure tickets to Sex and the City.

Egad you can't make this stuff up.

George Sr said...

Mike went to Sex in the City in the theater and loved it! He also recommended the show to young men to learn about women!! hahahah

MadDog's Jockstrap said...

Come on Mike and Chris, time to check out newer summer action movies. We're not in 1974 anymore.

Johnny said...

Bottom line: even with all their flaws, they're still the best to listen to, most inruiging and need to be together.

When they're out and duds like Joe and Evan are in their place, my radio usually stays off.

Anonymous said...

We have learned that Dog is "down on" Favre.

David said...

Johnny - goes without saying, but maybe it shouldn't go without saying.

Point well taken, we should mention more often...
they are the best afternoon entertainment available and would miss a lot of fun without them

gman26 said...

Favre just made the stinks least. At least for this past NFC championship game.

gman26 said...

They are the most entertaining duo. We wouldn't be discussing them. But Russo just said that Favre has been keeping Aaron Rodgers on the bench for '4 to 5 years.' Well, maybe 3. And he wasn't going to start the first two. So I can't go too crazy about the stunted growth of Aaron Rodgers.

egotistical blowhard francessa said...

4:18pm, Francessa is pleading the Bronson Arroyo case to Heyman. I think he might have a man crush on him.

Russo Blew It said...

I felt Russo blew his chance to shine when Mike was out. Russo started out strong, but this week spent the whole time joking about the show itself. He was terribly unprepared for the Mets Pitching coach interview (didn't even know he was in the majors before) which is something he kills ESPN's Morgan/Miller for constantly.

Russo is the best air talent on WFAN, but this week I felt he really blew a huge chance to take it to the next level. He joked the whole time about talking about tennis. Just talk about it and move on, you don't have to talk about talking about it.

Big letdown. When Russo tries, he's better alone.