Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Associated Press
4:29 PM

After months of divorce rumors swirling around Madonna and hubbie Guy Ritchie, Us magazine alleges that the nearly 50-year-old pop star is cavorting with sports talk radio host Mike Francesa. Multiple news outlets reported earlier this week that Ritchie — who arrived in New York from London yesterday and went straight to Madge's apartment — had agreed to divorce her. The couple has three children, and she's worth an estimated $600 million.

The magazine reported that Francesa — who makes $1.4 million a year ($100,000 more than his co-host Chris Russo) — has made numerous late-night visits to Madonna's Central Park West apartment and attended her April 30 concert in NYC. A source told the magazine that "all the doormen are talking" about the alleged affair.

She, in turn, sat in his seats at Saratoga Racetrack on June 22, the magazine reported. Also, her 7-year-old son, Rocco, was spotted wearing WFAN gear while playing in Central Park on June 25. The two were spotted by a photo agency dining together in Manhasset in February, and, earlier that same month, Francesa attended a Madge-hosted fundraiser for Malawi and Unicef, in which Bill Parcells also attended.

Francesa, who's also married and has three children with wife Roe, declined to comment for this story. The alleged affair seems to be having a positive effect on the ego-driven talk show host, who recently revealed that the Mike and the Mad Dog radio show may soon be history. Many industry sources were questioning the timing of the break-up with co-host Russo, but the affair with Madonna seems to be the culprit. A doorman at the Material Girl’s New York building was quoted as saying “Madonna and Francesa were arguing the other day about the amount of time he spends with his “other wife,” a clear knock on Russo. Another interesting tidbit was that WFAN 20/20 update guru John Minko was captured on security cameras leaving the building on a handful of occasions prior to Francesa’s arrival.

It should also be noted that it was rumored that Madonna had a tryst with Chris Russo, but the talk show host claimed in his books he wasn't interested in her.

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gabagool said...

1.4 million. Let me repeat that.
1.4 million.

Who says that america isn't the greatest country in the world.

Do I hate him? Yep. I think I hate him.