Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Could today's show and the ones to follow be an awful glimpse into the future of the hours of 1-6pm on WFAN?

I asked Neil Best on his live chat today whether he would bet that Mike and Chris would be together at this time next year and he said "no." Some of that was because he wanted to continue to stand behind his article, but it appears that Mr Best (love him or hate or find him simply middle of the road on this whole thing) still believes that Mike and Chris are not at home spooning.

I will admit I have not listened to one second of WFAN today and it's doubtful if I will tune in at all. No Mike and Chris, no Lt Weinberg. Without them, I have no responsibilities whatsoever (that's a few good men line, a movie we are, if you have noticed slightly fond of).

If today and the days to follow are a brief but perhaps realistic glimpse into the future what will you do? Will you listen? Is there any real combination that you could honestly get into, that would become a part of your routine the way Mike and Chris are for many people? I can't really think of any.

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