Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Sweep It Is

Okay. I know I am jinxing all Met fans right now. But really. You see this Giants offense scoring 4 runs in the 9th inning? Dog wiggled his way out of talking about the Giants yesterday. Not so today. This has the makings of a big time Doggie rant. Let's go behind the rant and see how we got here:

- Tim Lincecum implodes vs the Mets
- The Giants score 0 runs in the first 2 games
- Johan only pitches 5 innings, and yet the Giants couldn't score a run off the Mets home run happy bullpen the rest of the game
- Barry Zito walks the ballpark
- So does John Maine
- In fact, Maine doesn't even get out of the 5th inning, yet the Giants still can't do anything
- A man who has spent the last 43 years out of baseball has killed the Giants pitching for 4 RBI today
- The Giants couldn't even muster enough offense to force Billy Wagner into a game to blow it
- Things got so bad for the Giants that they have had to turn the ball over to Osiris Matos

There is no way all of the above will not set Dog off today. No chance. This one is going to be fun.


peteski said...

“I want Bonds in left and Griffey in right!”

Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is a word to describe Chris Russo. On the day that the Mets sweep the giants, chris goes on a tirade calling mets fans phonies. This guy is UNREAL

First Time, Long Time said...

Don't forget he also spent some time killing the Tatis home run dance, which actually wasn't a dance. I'm not sure what players are actually allowed to do anymore in the minds of Mike and Chris..hmm, me thinks that will become a post right now...wait for it...wait for it...

gman26 said...

Fernando 'Tatist'. Usually
Chris leaves out letters or syllables. This time he added one.
As far as the Tatis criticism, MMD have both perfected ways to deflect any criticism of them. I remember calling in a long time ago after Griffey was traded to the Reds. Mike and Chris basically said it was a lock that he was going to the Braves. so I called in to remind them of that. Mike fired back at me "Where did you think he was going?" A nice little way of turning the tables on me, as if my friggin' opinion mattered.

ondy said...

Can somebody please tell me how he got lost taking the subway from Shea to the WFAN studios? It seems like all he'd have to do is take the 7 to Queensboro Plaza and hop on the N for two stops to 36th. I heard him mention something about the R but why the hell would he bother going all the way into Manhattan?

gman26 said...

The subway story was just a ruse. To deflect criticism of the Giants. Just like the supposed 'Tatist' dance. He also said that he had been taking subways for '38 years'. Is that when his private car doesn't pick him up in New Canaan? What is he John Rocker?

Rock said...

All you bandwagon mets fans need to calm down. Your team is still a joke.

Anonymous said...

A lot of callers were giving it to him pretty good, and he cackled maniacally and agreed with all of them. But then he defused them by saying he didn't care about the Giants, they've given up, they stink, etc., and all the "juice" went out of the show. Then he wrapped it up with an endless interview with Chris Rose, somehow thinking Rose would admit "The Best Damn Sports Show" sucks.

gabagool said...

Then the POS says Strahan should have "refused" the "sack" against Favre.

I can't wait for this guy to just go.....anywhere. As long as its OFF the air.