Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is the latest news from Neil Best who broke the Mike and the Mad Dog divorce story. As you will read, he is not backing off his claims that this duo is not staying together for long and that they both are attempting to find other broadcasting options.

July 8, 2008
Mike Francesa, Chris Russo set to reunite Friday
Well, friends, it's been more than two weeks since I dropped my bombshell about Mike Francesa and Chris Russo apparently heading for Splitsville this summer after 19 years together, and nothing I've heard since has led me to believe it isn't still true.
I keep hearing about both hosts playing contract footsie with non-WFAN entities, but vacation has gotten in the way of me officially advancing the story further - for now!
A major milestone in the saga is looming Friday, when the boys work together for the first time since June 18.
Each addressed the story individually - Chris on June 23 and Mike on June 27 - but this will be their first chance to do it together.
Maybe Chris will take a cue from John McEnroe's post-match interview of Roger Federer and offer an on-air hug.


KBilly said...

Lincecum getting rocked early. Should make for a fun show tomorrow. I hope Timmy gives up a few more runs and gets pulled in the 4th inning. Lincecum isn't even a patch on Pelfrey's fanny!

homina said...

The Sports Illustrated Curse claims another victim...

First Time, Long Time said...

mets letting lincecum off the hook tonight...could have been a very ugly outing,,

KBilly said...

And another DEEP ball against Timmy.
Tim Luncecum. Is not. A PIMPLE...On Mike Pelfrey's. Fanny!
Bulpen working, so much for Lincecum and his "quality starts"
You think Pelfrey would give up two long homers and only go 6 innings???

SAYsomethinFUNNYmike said...

"im feelin goofy HEH-HEH-HEH-HEH"...."Now met fans. it was one start..ONE....ONE!!!!!!...JABA IS STILL NOT A PIMPLE ON TIM LINCECUM'S FANNY..NOT A PIMPLE..." i wonder what russo will say when they both come back together..will they talk about what has been talked about in papers about there show...i really think mike wants out...chris will stay...but until then, unfortunately we will not be hearing "SAY SOMETHIN MIKE"

KBilly said...

I hope Doggie was at last night's game. Watching Timmy The Freak get rocked in the first inning. Wearing his #55 SF Giants Jersey with little Timmy Dog with his Papelbon jersey only to see The Freak Give up that 3 run homer by Beltran and then leave in the 4th inning, "Because Timmy has a cold and has to go to camp."
Will be very entertaining from 1:04 to 1:18 Wednesday afternoon.

ondy said...

The guy was blathering on and on about how bad the Giants will get beat, yet it took him at least 20 minutes on the Monday after the SB to even acknowledge (in an offhand way) that he was wrong. I thought there was no way in hell he wouldn't admit to it right up front after how great that game and it's outcome was.

So sure, there will be entertainment value in today's show, just to see how hard he works to not acknowledge the Mets simply beat the little boy but good.

And if he didn't go to the game last night, I don't want to ever hear him say "Where were you last night Met fans?" and talk about a half-empty Shea again.