Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There’s been a decent amount of talk today regarding the news that Brett Favre reportedly texted the Packers GM about playing again this season. Not surprisingly, Dog is killing Favre. Also, not surprisingly, several callers are arguing with Chris and offering their support for Number 4. Me, I just want this Brett Favre talk to stop. It's one of those debates that once started, can rage on for hours upon hours and pop up again at any time. And with the Mike and the Mad Dog show perhaps soon history, Brett Favre will be one of several sports stories I will be glad to never hear about on their show again. Here’s my mini list of the worst sports talk topics that can hijack a Mike and the Mad Dog show at any given time:

- Anything to do with Brett Favre
- Steroids & Baseball talk
- Fist pumps & Homerun celebrations
- Whether or not Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

What makes your list?


Anonymous said...

how come black kids don't play baseball...this one gets brought up every year on jackie robinson day..

jason said...

- when they start talking about movies.

- when they start talking about tv sports ratings (uh, who cares?)

- when they talk about beltran bunting in the first inning, and continue to bring that up for three weeks.

peteski said...
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Anonymous said...

bruce springstein setlists.

bud said...

The ratings. The only reason you could possibly give a shit about ratings would be because they were part of your job. And if that were the case, you'd already know them.

homina said...

Banning alcohol at sporting events. They get bent out of shape when callers waste time proposing ridiculous trades -- well, the alcohol ban isn't going to happen either, but they don't mind wasting time talking about it.

gman26 said...

-Gil Hodges for the Hall of Fame
-'Stump Merrill Era'. Apparently, Francesa was scarred during this Yankee period.
-Chazz Palmentieri
Actually, I like the ratings talk. Not because I care about them, but because I think they sum up the appeal of MMD. There will be a forthcoming topic on this subject.