Monday, July 14, 2008


Our apologies, we at Mike and the Mad Blog were away from our posting duties this morning and did not set the Tivo to record the show.. so we have missed the first hour or so and are now relying on you, our loyal readers to update us. Give us the lowdown on the first segment and how the married couple are doing...

Some brief news..

1. Saw Jon Heyman this morning and despite his reports on WFAN with Mike and Chris he does talk to insiders. We viewed him talking with super agent Scott Boras. We cannot confirm or deny that he was questioning Boras on whether Arod was going to resign with the Yankees.

2. Neil Best has come out of his hole and reported that he is not certain if the Friday love in means anything about the contract negotiations for Mike and Chris. It is disappointing that it took Best this long to resurface and also he has yet to have a significant scoop since his first reporting of the story.

In today's blog he writes: "As I indicated at the time, their relationship is only one factor. Probably a bigger one is that neither has a long-term contract, and both are believed to have lucrative offers from other media entities."

Well, Neil how about some information on those other media entities besides your speculation about MSG? I am a little disappointed because since Best broke the story he has written nothing that has advanced it. Has his source gone into hiding? Neil, give us more, don't just drop the bomb and then run away.

Here is the link to his Watchdog blog:

What else is happening? You tell us for the first hour and we will pick the ball up for the rest of the show.


Anonymous said...

Mike actually asked chris how we was that a first?

Anonymous said...

Dude, Neil was on vacation last week. Give it a rest.