Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disturbing Trend

Mike opened the show talking about what a bad loss last night was for the Mets. But I have to be honest, I expected more fireworks. He said that you can't blame Manuel and you can't blame Santana. He did mention that he and Roe talked about how they wanted Santana to start the 9th. But I just expected a more explosive beginning to the show. And that brings me to my point. I feel that lately, the Mike and the Mad Dog show has dropped the ball when it comes to dealing with big stories. Take the Willie firing for example. If you listened to the open of that show, sure they carried on a little bit, but Mike and Chris were a bit soft that day. Take Mike's debut show after all the rumors of their break-up. He brushed it off like it was a non-issue, talking instead at length about the suntan lotion he applies to his children - then finally, in the last segment of the show, issued his monologue on the subject. Take the day Mike and Chris reunited at All-Star fest. Again, a few light jokes about it, but they just blew past the topic. Now, on the other hand, a topic such as the Giants PSL's will cause Mike to go on and on aimlessly for hours about. That is a topic, while deserving air time, only affects a small percentage of New Yorkers. We pondered earlier in our existence if Chris Russo was over the hill ( But is the Mike and the Mad Dog show over the hill? Do they still attack major stories with the intensity that they used to? I'm not so sure...


drh277 said...

Arroyo!! I'd get him if you could stal him, I know if you'd have to give him 12 million next year, but he's a gamer.

Mike is really starting to love on his man crush Bronson. Come on Mikey let us hear it!!!

Bronson, Bronson, Bronson, Brons... easy Big Boy we don't want you to lose it on air... take a chug of your diet coke and calm down.

Handwave said...

They're going at it as hard as they can!

Anonymous said...

Why Francessa is an idiot: Yesterday he called Reyes a "stat stuffer," saying that the majority of his homeruns and rbi's have come in games that are lopsided. Little did he know, nine of reyes' 11 homeruns and 30 of his now 46 rbi's have come in games where the mets and their opponent were within two runs of each other.


Thank you.

Johnny said...

How much vacation do these guys get per year? 8? 12? I get three at my job, and I can see four for these guys, but do they ever work together in the summer?

One thing is clear: Francesa just wings it every day. He does no prep work---at all. He brings the papers with him into the studio and looks through them to see what's happening.

Is there anything more annoying than when Mike (or Chris) say, "Eddie, get me the box score."

That should have been done at 10 AM, when they arrived at the studio to do their prep work---oh, they don't do that.

enter sandman said...

I would love just once, when Mike tells Eddie to get him the box score, for Eddie to come into the studio and turn the pages of Mike's paper to the box scores. He'd definitely get a "Jim stare" for that bit of insubordination.