Thursday, July 24, 2008

Does Delgado's July Count?

Question for Mr. Francesa: Does Carlos Delgado's July count? He's hitting over .400, driven in over 15 runs, hit 5 home runs. I know MIkey said his 9 RBI vs the Yanks didn't count, but what about the entire month of July?


peteski said...

That "Come On Mikey" call was hilarious.

David said...

OK folks - what is the over/under on Heyman appearances next week prior to deadline? Will we have to endure him every day? More than 1x per day? Thoughts?

I am hoping just once on Tuesday and once on Thursday...with some Eddie C sprinkled in for some Mets news.

timo said...

I'm a Mets fan, albeit a cautiously optimistic one. This series shouldn't have meant nearly as much as it did. With all that talent, if the Phillies didn't spend so much time taking bows for winning the division last year, they would have had a much more comfortable lead. Not saying that the Mets couldn't catch them anyway, but Philly has been half-assing it most of the season, despite what their record is.