Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mike and the Mad Dog MOCK Show

No Mike and the Mad Dog today? No problem. Here at the MikeandtheMadblog we'll fill out the show for you today..Here is the Chris Russo Solo Open:

"Anddd Goood Afternooon Everyboddyyyy, on this Thursday, before 4th of July weekend. ROW in Albany and YES piggybacking. We’ll get to Licata’s 4th of July plans in just a bit. But as you can see on YES with my hat, The story of the day – OH BABY TAMPAH!! TAMPAH!! TAMPAH!! 52-32. TAMPAH!!! GET ON THE BANDWAGON!!! That is a GREAT job out of Tampa Bay this week. SWEEPING THE RED SOX! I mean CMON now, who would have thought that? Be fair, the most you could have hoped for was 2 out of 3. GET OUT THE BROOMS! TAMPAH IS FOR REAL! TAMPAH!!! Ahh listen, if you’re a Yankee fan, you wanna get excited about 18 runs against the terrible Texas pitching? You wanna get excited about that? Ok. You want to tell me that Brett Gardner is the second coming of Willie Mays? Can I see more than one hit? Can I? Suzyn, John, take it easy, would ya. Could ya please? How’d Sidney Ponson look last night? I can’t go too crazy about scoring 18 runs. You DROPPED 2 out of 3 to Texas? I mean, c’mon now. Mike eliminated Texas on June 2nd! But to me, the story is TAMPAH! TAMPAH!!! 52. 32. 20 games over .500. That owner down there has done a TERRIFIC job. TAMPAH!!! And listen, the Mets. What can you say? They are an ENIGMA. And you know what, I’m sorry but Pedro is done! Done. Finito. FINISHED! I know I made this mistake with Leiter, but c’mon now, 4 runs in the first!!! That’s a TERRIBLE job out of Pedro. And I don’t want to hear Gary and Keith talking about how he battled back. TERRIBLE job. The starter was terrible, the bullpen was terrible. They are an ENIGMA. Let me spell it for you: E-G-N I-G-M-N-A. I mean you wanna say “Now hold on a minute there Chris, they had a 2 run lead in the 8th..” That’s what happens when your starting pitcher can’t go more than 5 innings! Bad JOB! You think Lincecum’s only getting through 5 there! I don’t want to hear from the Met fan. I don’t want to hear about the Mets anymore. And another thing, Ron, I like you a lot, but you CANNOT on the postgame show talk about how the Mets “showed a lot of fight.” I mean, you just CANNOT do that. I tell ya Timmy shows more fight when he’s trying to get the remote to watch that high school musical thing for the billionith time. Enough with that Zac Effron. But let's face it, they are a .500 club. Go 25-12 and then you can talk to me again. ENIGMA!! And listen, one other thing here before we go to break. Do I need to pick up the Daily News today and Front page see that Arod’s getting a divorce? I mean could ya PLEASE AROD! You just can’t make this stuff up with him. He has the baby and now he’s getting a divorce. PIPE DOWN AROD! Pipe down. I mean this whole idea that he’s running around with Madonna and he won’t play in the home run derby, just a terrible, terrible job out of AROD! And to be FAIR – what is his wife doing with that Lenny Kavich guy..Licata, what is it, Kavich, Kavitz..(Sal: Kravitz) Right Kravitz. Bad job outta her too. We’ll get to Wimbledon after the flash. We’ve got Pam Shriver and Billie Jean King to break it all down in the next hour. Mink, take it away."

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