Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Good old Jerome got through with Chris a little while ago. Here's what was on Jerome's mind:

"Listen I'm very UPSET with Cashman! To not even attempt to go after CC Sabathia is a BIG mistake Chris! (Chris tries to interrupt, unsuccessfully) I want that guy HERE! If he goes to Boston or Tampa Bay, the Yankees are going to be OUT of the playoffs and I don't like that guy who pitched Sunday's game! I don't like the guy Greer (Chris corrects him "Giese"), they have to send them BOTH down and bring up that guy who is in the Mexican League, who they moved up from Double-A. They need to go after a relief pitcher. Let me tell you something. IF THEY LET CC SABATHIA GO TO TAMPA BAY OR BOSTON, CASHMAN HAS TO BE FIRED! He BLEW it with the Santana deal. He better NOT blow it with Sabathia, because if Boston gets him, the Yankees are FINISHED!

Breaking news: Chris has reclaimed control of his show.


Johnny said...

I missed Jerome. Was he sick? He is certainly better than Val from Brooklyn, who when he masturbates, he makes up a woman's name, then calls Joe and Evan to "boast" about it.

Plus, Val is a mumbler and nobody can undertand a single word that he says.

First Time, Long Time said...

Johnny...he was a bit upset and um, angry with the Yankees. Shocking to hear this. His rage turned toward Cashman. I think Chris was doing a jigsaw puzzle while Jerome vented.

bigjf said...

Jerome is classic. I love it when he's on with Schmooze. I laugh so hard I nearly crash the car. Him and Steve from Staten Island with his clueless thoughts (he's gotta be pranking them)...but nothing tops Jerome. It's either the greatest prank ever or the funniest retard to call a talk show.

Anonymous said...

If Mike were there, no way would they take a call from Jerome. I remember (or "renember," as Dog would say) a few years ago Jerome called them and as he was reaching his fever pitch, Mike hung up and muttered something like "save your routine for the morning guys and Somers." Jerome doesn't bring anything to the table, information-wise, but he's always entertaining. Now that Benigno can't rant anymore because his dipshit partner keeps interrupting, Jerome is about all we have.