Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Will someone please tell me what the point has been to have Mike and Chris at Yankee Stadium today?

I am a little bit behind, watching on Tivo, thus skipping the commercials for the men's hair products, but we are moving through the second hour of the show and there have been maybe a total of 7 calls, including Dan from Albany who talked for about an hour about the time he snuck into Yankee Stadium in 1965. (Chris said that sneaking into stadiums is a no no, an awful heinous crime that one should never admit to). They have also not had a single guest outside of Ack with the 20/20 updates.

How about someone actually preparing for these shows? How about someone saying, hey, we're going to out at Yankee Stadium for the All Star game, let's book some guests. The point of being on a remote like this is to be at the event and to get interviews with the people on site. They are doing none of that.

Now, maybe that shows that Mike and the Mad Dog just don't have the pull, don't have the relevance they once did, who knows. I just think that they look like fools sitting there with little to talk about and no one to talk to.



KBilly said...

Isn't Timmy "NOT A PIMPLE ON MIKE PELFREY'S FANNY" Lincecum supposed to be on the show today?

Matthew "The Falk" Falkenbury said...

Dog: Were you able to speak to your friend at MLB?
Mike: Yeah, she said that if Selig doesn't want to be found, then we're not gonna find him. She said I could be Selig and you wouldn't know it.
Dog: Are you Selig?
Mike: No.
Dog: I'm not Selig... that's two down. What?
Mike: I was wondering, now that we have nothing to talk about, I was just wondering if you still needed me.
Dog: They were following orders, Mike.
Mike: An illegal order.
Dog: You think Spitz and Chernoff knew it was an illegal order?
Mike: It doesn't matter what they knew any decent human being would have refused.
Dog: They're not permitted to question orders.
Mike: Then what's the secret? I mean, what are the magic words? I give massive food orders every day nobody ever follows them.
Dog: Mike, we have no guests and Islander Hockey talk. We work at a place where you have to deal with shotty producers that give us no guests during the Final All-Star game at the old Yankee Stadium. You're better at research than I am and you know how to prepare a witness.
Ackerman: [Ackerman is on the Air] I have a 20/20 report and Urgent news on Brett Favre, I say we go with that.
[pause, Mike is pondering]
Ackerman: What?
Mike: You got any news on the Giants Personal Seat Licences?
Dog: Alright, here's our plan. Back to not listening to callers and no research, no one can prove that we are not prepared. The DH, they're common and accepted in Every league but the NL. The breakup of our show?, A, Chernoff gave it, B WFAN had no choice but to follow it. That's it.
Mike: What about motive?
Dog: We're a little weak on motive they had one.
Ackerman: Just because a person's got a motive doesn't mean that they're trying to split you guys up.
Dog: Relax, we'll deal with the Neil Best reports when it comes up. In the meantime let's start with intent. I don't know what made our show die, I don't want to know. I just want to prove that it could have been something other than us not doing our jobs right. Ack, talk to Mink and Mr. Met and find out everything there is to know about why people hate us. Mike, find out who else was in the All-Star Game that night in 1977...

egotistical blowhard francessa said...

They are interviewing Heyman now, but he doens't count as a guest. Not only that, but the microphones aren't working properly. This show hasn't been the same since Maloussis left.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

In mentioning all the players the Yanks could get that he's not impressed with, did Russo just mash Jason Bay and Xavier Nady together to invent Jason Nady? That's a terrible job.

As for guests, all the players are at this parade today. Dog and Mike are at the stadium to miss the traffic they would've faced from Queens to the Stadium for tonight's game. They are only there so they don't have a commute for the All Star game tonight.

Are we clear?

bigjf said...

Not to mention, I need to hear talk about golf, Favre, hockey, and college basketball on a day that should be all baseball, in Yankee Stadium no less. Amazing. How about another tennis spot today? Bowling?

peteski said...

I didn't even know they where there. I got all wrapped up in the what's wrong with the Islanders talk.

ondy said...

I think I have to agree with him that it's pretty stupid to be calling into a radio show to say how old-tyme romantic it is that you used to be able to sneak into events posing as a reporter.

gman26 said...

Tell your friend, 'the falk' not to get cute on the blog. The commenters like Gaba and Peteski on Mike and the Mad blog are fanatical.

About what?

Gman 26
About being commenters.