Thursday, July 3, 2008


One of the biggest developments of the past few solo Russo shows has been the revelation that Christopher Mad Dog Russo works out. This revelation got us wondering what that work out routine looks like and with no Mad Dog show today, we decided to take a look at


Russo enters the gym, he has the Pac Man Jones rant blasting through the speakers in his basement gym. The Francesca Russo Manny Youkulis debate and Yankee Stadium debates play in a loop on the 60 inch flat screen tvs that cover the walls.

Russo paces the room and recites his mantra "solo show and away we go... solo show and away we go."

A special recording of John Minko updates play in the basement to help Russo keep track of the time:

Minko: This is john minko with the twenty twenty flash Big story out of the home of chris russo. He has just bench pressed twenty pounds The Fans Sweeny Murty reports

Sweeny: Chris Russo began the day looking at the twenty pound bench press as a challenge but as Russo launched into his mantra "solo show and away we go" he clutched the bar and pressed it up. There was some struggle but with the help of a seven year old Timmy Russo Mad Dog was able to complete the exercise.
With the Russo exercise routine, Sweeny Murty, WFAN.

Minko: Thank you. Russo goes for twenty minutes on the treadmill and then will work triceps. This is john minko with the twenty twenty flash

Russo then runs his final part of the workout with a newly recorded version of the theme song for the Christopher Mad Dog Russo solo show set to the same Mike and the Mad Dog theme. Russo sings along.

"He's talking sports going at it as hard as he can. Its mad dog russo on the fan.
Mets fans are crying, yankees fans are dying. Christopher Russo, WFAN.

The routine completes with Timmy Russo preparing Chris for today's show by yelling out callers and the subject in rapid fire and Chris yelling at them:

Timmy: Mike from Manhattan, I want to trade..
Chris: Mike that is an TERRIBLE trade, they are not going to do thaaaat.
Timmy: Tony from Staten Island: The mets shouldve never fired willie
Chris: Are you crazy? ARE YOU CRAAAZY? The team is an ENIGMA. An absolute ENIGMA. AN ENIGMA.
Timmy: Jon Heyman
Chris: terrific job Jon. Great spot.
Timmy: Caller hangs up
Chris: great producing job out of eddie
(Chris is now in a full sweat)
Chris: One more Timmy, I need one more
Timmy: Your Giants lose in the playoffs

Minko twenty twenty flash comes on to single the end of the workout. Russo stands in front of the mirror with his shirt off flexes, (we see no difference in his arms) then mimes pressing the button to take a call and hang up on a caller. He does a couple of quick up and down motions with his hands and then a quick two arm wind up followed by "AAaaaaaaah good afternoon everybody." He smiles, wipes the sweat from his forehead. Makes a muscle that barely appears on his arm and then to timmy...

Chris: "The mad dog is out of the cage."
Timmy: (sad) Dad, are you and Mike really breaking up?
Chris: Timmy.. Timmy.. Pipe down.. Pipe down with that.. Pipe down


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