Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hey Mike, no worries, you make the bold statements, we here at Mike and the Mad Blog will make the corrections. We got your back Big Guy, no worries. Definitely don't worry about being factually correct. Who cares about facts when you can simply say things with certainty and have no clue whether they are right or wrong. It makes life a hell of lot easier. There were all those people who thought the Earth was flat and they sure were certain, who cares about this Columbus dude..

Oh, where is this coming from... right here.. Mike after a caller mentions some awful stat about the Knicks poor drafting habits and since Patrick Ewing, only drafting one guy that then averaged over 10 points per game in their career. This was Mike's response

"Jackson definitely averaged 10 points for his career."
"He definitely averaged 10 points for his career. He definitely averaged OVER 10."

I did a little thing called research and whadya know, Mark Jackson average 9.6 points per game, which is UNDER 10 points a game.

But don't worry Mike, we got your back. Keep proclaiming, don't let the facts get in the way of that ego. We got you covered.


KBilly said...

I think Gerald Wilkins was the "other" Knicks 1st round pick to average more than 10 points for his career. Starks wasn't a 1st round pick.

KBilly said...

Mike only said Mark Jackson because they both went to St. John's

KBilly said...

Did Mike just say that not using the "intanet" makes you a dinosaur?

gabagool said...

did he go to St Johns? I thought it was Syracuse. But I'm NOT positive.

Anonymous said...

gerald wilking was a 2nd round pick

the correct player was Rod Strickland