Friday, July 25, 2008

Mike's Can't Miss Team (That Misses)

Today Mike professed his love for Pirates outfielder Nate McLouth. Now don't get me wrong, McLouth is actually having a very good year, but as a commenter suggested, this is the first season he has shown anything. Mike has this habit of becoming infatuated with players for apparently little reason. It's as if Mike goes to one game that the player is a key part in, whether he hits a big homer, pitches a big game, etc...and then from that point on Mike "likes him a lot" and the player in question "can play on my team any time." Now the problem with most of these guys is that their numbers often contradict Mike's feelings about them. I like to call this "Mike Francesa's Can't Miss (Even Though They Do Miss) Team"

Here are a couple of such players:

Bronson Arroyo: We all know of Mike's obsession with Bronson. But after further review, he has only had one season (I'm not counting his 17 IP in 2003) where he had a sub 4.00 ERA.

Brandon Inge: Mike often sings the praises of Mr. Inge. But taking a look at his stats, he has had ONE good season in the majors, where he hit 27 HR and drove in over 80 RBI (he only hit .253 that year). And that was two years ago. But that's about it. His 162 game seasonal average is: .239BA, 16 HR, 67 RBI, 62 Runs, with a .304 OBP.

Nate McLouth: Now Nate is having a very big year, but before this season, his best year was: .258 BA, 13 HR, 38 RBI...Not exactly build your franchise around him numbers. If that was any other player having the season he is having this year and Mike wasn't obsessed with him, he would say "Can I see this for a year or two first before I get excited?"

Again, we open the phone lines here for other members of this team...


gabagool said...

Easctly, FTLT

Just like a little kid. Go to ONE game, guy does good, Hey, Heys my favorite player!!

Thats a perfect description of how Francesca gets to like players

ANd his butthole partner is the exact opposite. Goes to a game, a guy sucks off, and BINGO, Russo doesn't like him.

bigjf said...

Don't forget that blonde hair that Mike loves so much. McLouth is a sexy beast!

bigjf said...

I find it even more interesting how he treats the players he sees everyday. He talks about Cano like he's going to be the greatest hitter who ever lived, while he says that Joba will be a "pretty good pitcher." Seems like sour grapes because Mike wanted him to be the future closer. I guess performances like tonight aren't what he's looking for. He said today that if Joba went 7 innings and gave up 2 or 3 runs it would be an ok start. I wonder if that fake popcorn on the Mike'd Up set manages to fool him every week...