Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ESPN Radio Plagiarizes Mike and the Mad Dog

I was driving today and WFAN wasn't coming in, so I did the unthinkable - switched to ESPN Radio. After about 30 seconds of listening I heard Mike Tirico say the following of the Twins chances: "Be careful of Minnesota." What is Tirico doing? Doesn't he know that Mike and Chris have patented this phrase? What else are they stealing - terrible job, I'm not a big believer in, I'm down on, tricky spot, etc. What's next - Golic and Greenberg talking ratings?


gman26 said...

FTLT, I have to challenge you on this. 'Be careful of Minnesota' is different than 'Be careful, Minnesota'. The first is saying to everyone that look out for Minnesota's chances. The second means all of you people in Minnesota, don't get too excited about your chances.

First Time, Long Time said...

Gman. Fair point. maybe i can't go too crazy about this..

Brian said...

FTLT, I think you're right. Yesterday I was listening to Michael Kay (I switch to 1050 on commercials). He was talking about how great the Springsteen concert was the night before. I swear I thought he was about to tell Don La Greca to go get him the set list so that he could read off all 35 songs that were played.

Is there anybody alive out there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that Cowherd dude regularly guesses ratings, says how great he is at it, as though everyone doesn't know he's ripping M&TMD off hugely.