Friday, July 11, 2008


A few suggestions if you decide to call in to the reunion show today...

1. You must ask Mike and Chris a reunion related question like
"What's it like to be back together again?"
"Did you say hello to one another when you first saw each other today?"
"Who do you think is the better solo host between the two of you?"
"In the divorce, who gets Heyman?"
"Admit it, you love one another, it's just that the romance is gone and you want it back."
"Guys, we called the Yankees, you can both use the press box bathrooms, will you stay together now?
"Mike if we started every phone call today with Mike, Bronson Arroyo is the greatest pitcher of all time and Chris, we want to hear more and more about the presidency of James Garfield, will you stay together?"

2. To Mike: Hi, Mike, first time long time, you said that the Yankees couldn't hit because of the weather, does that mean any weather, like the kind that is on Earth?

3. To Mike: Hi, great to see the two of you back together, this is a question for Mike, although Chris I thought your shows by yourself were terrific, keep it up when Mike leaves for the NFL Network. Uh, Mike, quick question, while you were away Chris had the announcer for the Reds on the show and he said that Bronson Arroyo was terrible, Chris agreed. And Bronson had that game were he gave up ten runs in one inning. Mike, Arroyo is the perfect pitcher for the Yanks, right?

4. To Chris: Love the show, god, it feels good to be calling in to the both of you. Chris, if Mike left the room during a commercial break and never returned, would it make you smile?

5. To both: Guys, i was away on vacation for a while, but just wanted to talk to you about this thing, don't know if you have talked about it at all, but what is with Joba and the fist pumps...


First Time, Long Time said...

one more to add:

"Mike, Chris..First time, last time.."

First Time, Long Time said...

okay, one more:

"Mike, Chris..great to have you guys back. Did you guys catch the Bucket List? That was great..Anyway, Mike, do you think Duhon's gonna play the 4 or 5 with the Knicks and will they run pick and roll with him?"

Cletus The Fetus said...

"Mike, when you were up in Saratoga artificially insemanating your newest race horse, "Minko's 20/20", did you think of Russo so you wouldn't climax prematurely, before finally relenting and letting loose by finally letting thoughts of Coach Parcells enter your mind?

Oh yeah... Who do you like in the Ryder Cup?"