Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jon Heyman brings his dated inside information to the SNY Mets pregame show.

Just heard this quote on Adam Dunn "He's going to go somewhere."

Great insight Jon. He's going to go somewhere, wow. I can just hear all the network execs who are watching this now saying, "that Heyman he knows his stuff, he knows that Adam Dunn is going somewhere. GET HIM ON NOW."

Not sure how everyone got on the Jon Heyman (i believe Mike and Chris began drinking the Kool Aid around all the steroids insanity) information train, but GET THE F OFF. This dude reads the same papers we all do and if you spend a little bit of time on the internet, you can get yourself all the inside scoop that Heyman has.

In a segment on SNY Heyman provided a list of 10 guys that might be on the move. The list is so intriguing and the information so uncertain that SNY is breaking it up into two parts. Kind of like a cliff hanger, except without the part that makes you want to come back and watch the next day.

The fact that Heyman has cut this list to 10 is impressive since earlier this week on he had a list of players who could be on the move which essentially was everyone in the league.

The names from Jonny No News: Brian Fuentes (really teams are interested in the Colorado reliever? Really? That is new information from I believe April.). Guess what the Mets might be interested in Xavier Nady, no chance you have read his name in the paper in the months of June and July as a possible option for the Mets. The aforementioned Adam Dunn comes next, followed by Jason Bay and the Pirates, according to Jonny want a lot for him. Finally #6 on the list is Ken Griffey. Yup it's the original Ken Griffey. Jon is reporting that teams are inquiring if KG Sr will come out of retirement and play some outfield. Yes, Heyman has KG Jr wrapping up the list which could've concluded this segment if it was taped in March.

STAY TUNED TOMORROW WHEN JON HEYMAN RETURNS FOR THE FINAL FIVE NAMES. Possibilities include: Cy Young, Floyd Youmans, Pete Falcone, Oil Can Boyd and Amos Otis. Other names sure to shock you will be Matt Holiday, Texeria, Bedard, etc.

Here's a hint, if all your INSIDER can say about a particular player is "he's going somewhere," that means he doesn't know anything.


joba said...

Heyman is a pisser. He seems to think we're all as blissfully unaware of the Internet as Dog is. "You obviously won't see this in the paper until tomorrow, but I hear the Yankees are interested in Richie Sexson."

Jason said...

OT: you think we can make a petition for joe benigno to get off the mets bandwagon? i know hes not a fair weather fan, but his fan-dom is the most annoying thing to listen to in the world. the guy just complains and whines about EVERYTHING mets. theyve won 10 in a row and hes losing his vagina over johan santana. what, santana isnt allowed to give up more than 4 runs or something? he puts more weight on wins and losses than era and whip and its driving me insane. sure, johan hasnt been johan, but hes been no phil hughes or ian kennedy either.

bigjf said...

Heyman has always been a blowhard know-nothing-at-all, ever since his days at Newsday. His columns said just enough of nothing for SI to take notice and figure that his know-nothing teasers would fit perfectly in their fill-space-by-giving-as-little-info-as-possible magazine. Michael Kay then fell in love with him as a spot on his radio show because he was agreeable and knew as little about the team as Kay did. Then of course these two blowhards picked him up.

Guess what Jon, I'm going to "go somewhere" too! To the toilet, per the usual after anything I've ever read or heard from your feeble brain. I mean, how do these guys get jobs? There's a conspiracy somewhere where these "news sources" are getting paid off by team executives to report nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asswipes,

Bronson Arroyo shut down the mets.

-M. Francesca

KBilly said...

Are the boys back tomorrow?
I can't deal with Carlin and Kim for another week.

Anonymous said...

The big guy is alone this week.

bigjf said...

Mike was just baited by the first caller to bring up Arroyo's fluke performance. Of course Mike takes the chance to stroke his own ego.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha, yep heard that one...Now he's of course stroking his own ego about his call that Shockey was an overrated player. Mike of course always hated him b/c Shockey, as a 22 year old, missed a call-in to their show in his rookie year.

Where is the blog today? FTLT, Lt Weinberg? I'm bored at work and have checked the site like 12 times today. We need you guys

Christopher said...

The "Arroyo" count is up to about 25 at 4:45.

Christopher said...

Don't worry sportsfans, Mike Francesa is on top of things. If you need to know this weekend's rates at the Atlantis in the Bahamas, Mike has your back. He'll pull those rates right up on his computer.