Monday, July 7, 2008

What We Have Learned Today

We have learned that Chris thought the Federer/Nadal match was epic. We have learned that McEnroe called Chris ahead of time to alert him of the rain delay with the match. We have learned that Chris asked McEnroe if he had time to go for a run before the rain delay was done. We have learned McEnroe told Chris to go for a run. We have learned Chris did not think Federer would lose that 5th set. We have learned that Chris thinks CC Sabathia might be just a rental for the Brewers. We have learned he still doesn’t know how to pronounce Eric Gagne’s last name. We have learned the problem he had with the all Williams sisters’ final is that Chris didn’t know who to root for – that was a problem for him. We have learned, again, that he doesn’t like their father, Richard Williams. We have learned that he has no problem with the mother. We have learned that he thinks Serena is a little “goofy.” What we have not learned, as of 2:39PM today is what Chris thinks about the two New York local baseball teams and their weekend series’ against their two biggest rivals.

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Jason said...

if russo makes the argument that hamels deserves an all star spot, doesnt johan as well?