Thursday, July 17, 2008


Mike and Chris have throughout the year looked into their crystal ball and made some predictions. But which do you think will come true or be outstandingly false?

One thing we can predict for certain, Mike will either gloat if he got it right or forget it if he got it wrong.

PREDICTION 1: Tampa Bay will not play over .500 the rest of the way (just a reminder we are just a few weeks away from being able to "talk to Mike in August" about the Rays)

PREDICTION 2: The Yankees will make the playoffs.

PREDICTION 3: There are a lot of hits in Robinson Cano's bat (it must be fun to be Mike and watch games and simply know that a player like Cano just has hits in a savings account somewhere just waiting to use it for the proper occassion.)

PREDICTION 4: The Mets and Red Sox will go to the World Series (It didn't take Mike long to get on the Mets bandwagon. Willie got shoved off that wagon in the middle of the night while the vehicle was still in motion, Mike he just grabbed a case of Diet Cokes, made Mr Met sit bitch and settled in with his seat in full recline.)

PREDICTION 5: Mike and Mad Dog radio show still happening after World Series: I am leaning towards believing that it will be the Chris Russo Marathon as we head into football season, but that's just me.

Any predictions we forgot, let us know. Toss your take and away we go.


Where Was Seaver said...

I like Dog's prediction in early May that the D'Backs would win the west by 20 games.

mookie said...

Caller: "Mike, remember you said it would be Boston and the Mets in the World Series?"

Mike: "Uh ... I do not recall that, no."

Caller: "Well, you said it."

Mike: "I did, huh? Where's the tape? Do you have a tape?"

Caller: "No, but..."

Mike: "No tape. That's what I thought. [hangs up] Are you there? Are you -- I guess he hung up. Next up, Lisa from Whitestone. Take it away, Lisa."

mookie said...

Mike: "Do you have a tape of me saying that?"

Caller: "Sure do. Want to hear it, Mike?"

Mike: "Go ahead, play it. [hangs up, tells Eddie to block the number] Well? Are you going to play it? Eddie, is he still there? No? What -- well, I guess that answers the question of whether he had this so-called tape, you know that, Dog? Wasn't expecting us to call his bluff. Shocker. Next up, Lisa from Whitestone. Take it away, Lisa."

Anonymous said...

i predict they will talk about seat licenses on the next slow day or action packed day.

the most boring topic ever?

Repoz said...

Just before the season started...Francesspool said.

"The Rays will not win 65 games this season. Where are they going to get the wins from in the AL East?"