Wednesday, July 16, 2008


With Mike and Chris getting a well deserved vacation again, let's speculate on what they would have said about last night's game:

Russo: Ahh listen Mike. You wanna go crazy about that game last night?

Francesa: No.

Russo: I mean, you wanna tell me it was an all-time epic?

Francesa: No.

Russo: An all-time great?

Francesa: No.

Russo: I mean, you wanna make a big deal about the 15 innings?

Francesa: No.

Russo: You wanna make a big deal about Wagner?

Francesa: He's terrible.

Russo: You called it Mike. You called it.

Francesa: And I don't want to hear from Wagner after the game that he made good pitches.

Russo: He said that?

Francesa: Eddie, get the clip for us.

Russo: Pipe down there Billy. He stinks. I didn't see Brian Wilson have any problems.

Francesa: Eddie, did you get the clip?

Russo: I mean you got Dioner Navarro and Dan Uggla comin up in big spot after big spot.

Francesa: That Uggla makes Wright look like a gold glovuh.

Russo: EXCELLENT POINT MIKE. EXCELLENT POINT! He stinks. That's a terrible job out of Uggla last night. I'm down on him.

Francesa: For me, the game lost its luster when Hamilton didn't hit the charity ball out.


Anonymous said...

Dog: I'm down on a-rod...leaving early during the all-star game in the final year at yankee stadium? terrible job, didn't he learn from the whole opting-out thing?

mike: dog, that's just a-rod being a-rod. i don't ask about these things anymore

David said...

All I can think about is Alex Karros. I hope his left shoulder is ok today. Dog must have hit it about 55 times during that interview late yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Why does it sound like 5:07am?

peteski said...

Dog: I watched a few pitches here and there but come ON?! 9 o'clock START?! on a WEEK DAY?!

Mike: Didn't see it, I don't know.