Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After saying yesterday that they would not watch the home run derby, Mike and Chris break it down today:

CR: I did see thank God the Hamilton explosion.

MF: Yeah I saw it. I actually got home when he was stepping into the box. I had taken Roe out to dinner (any guesses where?)...I did see it. It was an amazing performance and then he didn't win.

CR: That's hard to believe.

MF: Hey, he ran out of gas

CR: The guy hits 32 homers and 8 outs and then he doesn;t win the darn thing.

MF: The amazing thing was not even the number, but he hit so many long home runs..I mean, I can't believe he hit the ball that far. I mean he hit the ball so far so consistently. It really was a remarkable performance over 20 minutes or so. It actually was exciting and then it got boring (Russo interrupts "You're exactly right). The fans almost got to the point where they didn't care anymore. The first 10 or 15, they were going wild and then after that...they didn't seem to care. And then players were like interrupting him, players were like fooling around with him. Ortiz walked off the field (a big MMD no-no). I mean it seemed like nobody cared anymore. He was up there too long. It was almost like he stayed in the batters box too long..the nonsense with the wiping him off (another MMD no-no), the Milton Bradley, it was just too much. But he did hit some incredibly long home runs.

CR: I mean, again he was the highlight of the night. Again, I didn't have any problem with him. I coulda watched that but after that I couldn't watch it. I mean after that I didn't watch the Final. I didn't take the Final that seriously. I know Mourneau beat him 7-5. (Actually really 5-3, but who's keeping score at home?)

MF: I watched the Final. It was a dud. Nobody hit any home runs...Plus, the big thing was he didn't hit the charity ball in the seats...so that kind of ruined everything. He needed to hit the charity ball 500 feet. He didn't hit the charity ball anywhere, so I thought that took a little luster off the performance.


First Time, Long Time said...

By the way...shocking development...Mike predicted that Jeter would be the MVP for the AL tonight

Brian said...

How long til Mike starts demanding the Yankees trade for Hamilton?

First Time, Long Time said...

Mike's really down on the fact that Hamilton didn't hit the charity ball 500 feet. Forget about 28 homers in one round, and 13 straight. Mike doesn't think the homers came at the right time