Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not a Pimple. Not a Pimple.

With the shocking development in Flushing last night where The Freak was badly exposed by the Mets, let's help out Dog with writing some lines for his open today:

- "I mean C'MON SI, Did you HAVE to put him on the cover right BEFORE the Mets series?! Geez, that is a BAD job out of SI and Verducci. I mean now I gotta deal with this SI Jinx. Gee Whiz."

- "I'm sorry but I just can't go too crazy about that Beltran homerun. That's a fly ball in San Francisco. Plus, he plays WAY too deep in centerfield. He's overrated."

- "You know, I had to spend the first 4 innings putting the kids to sleep, chasing Timmy and that stupid hamster around. I missed the first 4 innings so I didn't see a lot of it" (translation: since I didn't see Lincecum get knocked around, it didn't really happen).

- "Is he allowed one so-so start? is he? Could ya please? How's Pedro pitched this year? How many times has Santana gone into the 7th or 8th inning? Maine hasn't been great. And they totally mishandled this Ryan Church thing."

- "And another thing. Gary, Keith, Ron. This idea that Pelfrey is the second coming of Cy Young. I mean, can I see 10-15 more starts first? Can I? Pipe down."

- "Ahh listen. You wanna go crazy about one bad start for Lincecum. Okay. You can do that. But let's be fair, Pelfrey is still not a pimple on Lincecum's fanny. Not a PIMPLE!!."

On a side note, reached on vacation in Saratoga Springs and asked if Delgado's homerun off Lincecum counted, Mike Francesa replied "No. Lincecum was close to 100 pitches. Anyone can hit a homerun off Lincecum when he throws that many pitches. I could have hit a homer off him in that spot. That RBI doesn't count."


ondy said...

We'll hopefully get Timmy in here a little bit later on to talk about it, but for now I just gotta get back to Federer-Nadal.

Brian said...

HAHAHA well done

Anonymous said...

sounds exactly like him. so what did he actually start with... so pumped for the reunion

First Time, Long Time said...

he sort of sheepishly avoided talking about lincecum...talked about all that other stuff..i think he had maybe 5 calls on lincecum all day. unreal. he got himself off the hook today.

gabagool said...

I never cared about Lincicums box score before. I will now ALWAYS check it, and have a quite bit of contentment in my heart when he loses.

And heres to crazy deliveries and the stress it puts on arms.

homina said...

I thought it was great that two callers in a row asked about the rift between Dog and Mike, and the producer (or whoever) cut them both off. Once Dog realized that, he got annoyed and said if they were going to censor callers, he wouldn't take any and talk tennis all day instead. Doggie sticking it to The Man!

gabagool said...

The mutt really said that? I'm impressed, not REAL impressed, mind you, but impressed none the less.

First Time, Long Time said...

gaba...He did indeed say that. In fact, he yelled at Chernoff on air for cutting off the callers and said that people who call in are allowed to ask whatever they want.