Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Reading List by Mike and the Mad Dog

So you are sitting around thinking about how you plan on spending some time on the beach this summer listening to Kyle Farnsworth blow eighth inning leads and Aaron Heilman give up back to back bombs to extend the Mets losing streak to 7 games and you think, I would like to have a great book to read after i toss my radio in the ocean. Well, thankfully our friends Mike and Chris have some books for you... Of course none of them are about sports... (that's partly true)

1. Rome, 1960 A new book by David Maraniss, which Mike says is going to be "brilliant" because all of his stuff is brilliant. The author will stop in and say hello to Mike and Chris "because he always does."
** this is the only sports book on the list***

2. Dark Horse: about James Garfield. Chris was given this book by Evan Roberts. Now Evan Roberts must appear to illiterate, or dumb, or stoned while around WFAN and Christopher Russo because Russo was stunned, stunned that Evan Roberts could give him a book about James Garfield. I am not positive but i think Evan could've come up to Chris and said "me and Steve Somers are going to San Francisco and getting married" and Chris still would've been more shocked about this book recommendation.

"Shocked that Evan on top of it!"

3. Anything about John F Kennedy because Mike has read everything written on JFK. He collects books on JFK. And if you can find a book on JFK that Mike has not read about him you win a prize because Mike has read everything.

4. Truman: my favorite part of this recommendation was when Mike and Chris were discussing the amount of pages that the book had the banter went like this...

Mike: If you are looking for a book and you can't find something just take David McCulloughs', Truman
Chris: (overlapping) Oh i totally agree with you
Mike: I guarantee that you are a 100 pages in, you will say "oh my god i am going to read this book all summer." It's the best biography i think EVER WRITTEN. It is like 800 pages
Chris: 993
Mike: is it 900 pages?
Chris: something like that.. (it was actually 1120 pages)

what i love about this is that along with the score during the second half with ten minutes left of the Illinois State v Indiana game in the third round of the 1975 NCAA Tournament, Mr Russo also has locked in his brain the exact amount of pages of Truman.

by the way, Mike had difficulty with McCulloughs books on Ben Franklin and John Adams. He doesn't like that era. It did shape our nation, but Mike finds it boring. Mike also has trouble with Teddy Roosevelt, Chris does not. Chris can do Civil War forward. Mike cannot.

Mike "1920s forward, I am big. I am hot and cold on Teddy."


gman26 said...

you kid because you care, but as they were going to break they gave a total of Assassinated presidents - 4. I doubted them and looked it up. And if the information is correct on Wikipedia today, then our country has had 4 presidents assassinated(successfully).
I always tune into the Fan to learn about presidential history.

Anonymous said...

Theyll read 100,110 pages and then scour the net for reviews, read those, try to remember what those smart guys say and repeat it on the air. Who the hell are they kidding.
They can't even be bothered to read up on SPORTS, they're gonna spend precious mirror time reading about history and stuff??