Friday, May 16, 2008

Keys to the Show Today

Here's what we need from Mike and the Dog for a successful outing today:

- STAY IN THE ZONE: Keep the talk to Subway Series. Don't stray too far with NBA playoffs talk - couple segments at the most.

- NO HORSE-ING AROUND: Do not waste our time with talk of the Preakness. Mike is a big horse racing nut, and he loves to flex his thoroughbred muscle, so he is bound to talk ponies for a bit today. But for this to be a successful show, he needs to limit his horse talk.

- BE AGGRESSIVE: Don't fall behind on the callers. Get them in early and often. They will be the pulse of the show today. Keep their calls coming. Knock them around when you have to.

- RELY ON YOUR BEST STUFF: Mike, for you, this is Wagner. You hate him. Let's delve further into his criticism of the players that always avoid the media. Chris, for you this is accentuating the train wreck that both the Yankees and Mets both are right now. This series is life or death.

Stick to these points and we'll see a quality outing.

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