Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Friday Show

We're in store for a very chaotic show today with the Mets getting swept in Atlanta. The 1-6:30PM slot is going to be loaded with all of our favorite Mike and the Mad Dog-isms (That's a terrible job, Tricky spot, Be Careful, etc.) So with a few hours to go before Mike and Chris hit the airwaves, what's your favorite Mike and the Mad dog term:

Be careful: Mike and Chris' way of telling sports fans not to fall in love with a player or team ("Be Careful about falling in love with Pagan")

Let's be fair here: Russo's counter-argument to callers that attack someone ("Let's be fair here. If you are going to knock Rick Peterson, you gotta give him credit for John Maine")

Pipe Down: Russo's way of telling a player to shut up ("Pipe down there Figueroa")

Tricky Spot: This really means an awkward position. For example, Ian Eagle running into Marv Albert at the Garden. Or I'm sure that the Giants last game of the 2007 was a tricky spot. "Coughlin wants to get ready for the postseason but you have to try to end the Patriots' undefeated season. Tricky spot, Mike." And for clarification. This phrase is used primarily by Russo.

Say Something Funny Mike (When Russo can't control himself and breaks out into laughter and tries to egg Francesa on to keep it going. Picture Russo hysterically laughing followed by "Say Something Funny Mike")

I can't go too crazy - This is a Mad Dog special. Dog uses this phrase to throw cold water on enthusiastic callers("I can't go too crazy about the D-Rays in May. Talk to me in September.") or admit that he doesn't have strong feelings about a subject("I can't go too crazy about the Olympic torch protesters.").

Bad Job: This is Mad Dog's way of criticizing something. During extreme times, it escalates to "terrible job." It can be applied to players, coaches, general managers, fans - even networks, as in "That's a bad job out of NBC on the Derby Broadcast."

I'm not a big believer in: This is mainly a Mike comment. It means he doesn't have much confidence in something. And just like other comments, this is mainly used in negative, eg. 'I'm not a big believer in starting someone on 3 days rest.'

So what's your favorite Mike and the Mad Dog-ism? (See the Glossary on the right for more terms). Did we leave a good one out? Don't be shy. Send us your comments on your favorites.


Anonymous said...

Years of age - Mad Dog always seems to use this expression to tell us how old someone is. "Moises Alou can't stay off the DL, this guy is 42 years of age." Or "When are the Giants going to win a World Championship, I'm 43 years of age".

First Time, Long Time said...

Good one anonymous...

Anonymous said...

russo always saying "good point mike,excellent point mike".

Anonymous said...

Mike saying to his wife:

Headache again?!!!????!!! But you said the new beemer 7 series would get rid of thoseeeeeessseeeee>..!!!!!! Oh allright, I take a dozen hot pockets instead............but next promised!!!!