Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SNY is to blame for the Mets season

All of a sudden, there is a conspiracy in New York. At 1:12, Francesa revealed how SNY was unable to do a post-game for the Met game on Friday night. How this became the lead of the show, I have no idea. MMD have basically gotten off of Willie and now have focused on SNY. 'This is a story!' proclaims Mike. 'A collossal dropping of the ball here!' The Mets losing the NL East last year was 'a colossal dropping of the ball'. SNY not providing post-game at the end of a Colorado/Met game in May is not. Classic MMD.

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First Time, Long Time said...

Gman...excellent point. Also classic was that after killing SNY for not having a post game show friday (which mike also acknowledged that SNY said they were having tech difficulties), then a caller referenced the Delgado/Jon Heyman interview and Mike and Chris were clueless to it...that to me is a lot bigger of a story than SNY having technical issues and not having a postgame show. Delgado called a reported, who you have on the show every other day, an asshole and you guys had no idea about it??